December 2020

Shaggy Rugs – Not Only For the Hippies!

Shaggy Rugs – Not Only For the Hippies!

All of us remember that old school 60’s era “hippy shag” carpeting. What you may not know, though, is that shaggy rugs are actually making a comeback, especially in more recent years. Thankfully, the ugly multi-colors of the past are gone. Shag is not dead yet, everyone!

Shaggy rugs can be considered as a specific kind of carpeting, made of a less dense pile than traditional carpet. There are longer single strands than other types of carpet. These shaggy rugs, with a “deep pile” style of construction, were popular during the 60s and into the early 70’s. While many may have written off shaggy rugs, the fact is that they are still kicking into the new century.

There’s two things that makes a shaggy rug differ from other rugs. We have the length and placement of our fibers, which is longer and more loosely twisted than the super tight type of yarn like what is found in most short loop rugs.

Shag carpeting uses yarn with a much looser twist and single strands are placed farther apart than traditional weaves would be. It is for this reason that shaggy rugs have an appearance that is much more unique than other carpeting, appearing somewhat like grass. Of course, this is why the “mowing the carpet” phrase was created.

Obviously, shaggy rugs don’t appreciate the same popularity as they did at one time, but to many people’s surprise, they are still quite used, so much so that there is still quite the variety of shaggy rugs and full carpeting available from major carpet manufacturers. As far as prices go, it runs basically hand in hand with more traditional rugs and carpeting.

In this new, modern era, shag now comes in three different varieties. You have the long shag, which is the old school shag that we are all used to from way back when. However, there’s also now short shag, which is a trimmed down version of the shag. “The lawn was cut”, if you will. Then, there is mini shag, which is hardly shag at all, and it is closely related to carpet of normal pile. And as for modern color choices, most solid colors can be had, as well as lots of cool patterns that will look great in your home.

Shaggy rugs go perfectly with many different areas in the house and many different styles of decor. The shag love affair may just be coming back, and for good reason. It’s hard to beat the feeling on your feet that a good shaggy rug offers. The modernized shag of today is much better than the shag of the past, yet remains very similar.…

The Costs of Home Ownership New Owners Must Remember

Let’s face it, being an adult and living somewhere other than your parent’s basement is expensive. For some, renting is the way to go. Whether in an apartment, condo or rental house, many people find comfort knowing that someone else is responsible for maintenance. Others feel as though renting isn’t a good investment, as when you’re done with the rental, you have nothing to show for it. For those people, home ownership is the way to go.

As a homeowner, sometimes you have to be prepared to foot a large repair bill, especially if you don’t keep up with your regular home maintenance. Of all the things you could face, there are a few that could set you back a pretty penny.

From Bottom

With a huge dichotomy of price depending on what needs to be done, you could, potentially, have to take out a second mortgage to afford any foundation repairs your home may need. The foundation on which your home sits is subject to stress and damage from any number of factors. Water is a big culprit. Unrestricted water flow can erode your foundation’s mortar, seep into cracks in your foundation and freeze, making those cracks bigger. It may even rot and weaken your foundation if the water lays against it for any length of time. Be sure to monitor the drainage around your home to prevent this kind of damage.

To Top

Your roof is another area where the price can be drastically affected by what needs to be done. Is it just the shingles, or does the felt underlay and the flashing need to be replaced, too? The type of shingles influences cost, as does the need to patch a bad spot or fix the entire roof. Weather is a roof’s biggest enemy. Water, again, can affect the integrity of your rooftop.

Choosing to own your own home means your home maintenance chores don’t ever stop. Keep up with them, though, or you could be in for a massive repair bill.…

3 Ways To Advertise Your Small Business

Small businesses have a harder time attracting customers than big ones. It’s hard to get the word out when advertising is expensive and your budget might not be huge. There are ways, however, for small businesses to advertise and bring in new customers that are not too costly.

1. Signs

If your business has a physical location that potential customers are walking and driving past, draw them in with catchy signs. Install vinyl signs Salem Oregon in your windows. They are easy to make and you can use them to advertise sales or new products. Work with a graphic designer to come up with a design that is sure to bring people through the door.

2. Social Media

There are very few people in this country that are not using some form of social media. That’s why the social media advertising business has boomed over the past decade. Depending on the level of advertising you want to do, it can be quite cost-effective. You can do targeted ads to people who like products similar to the ones you sell or you can cast a wide net to catch customers who don’t know yet that they want what you are offering.

3. Visit a Trade Show or Community Event

Sometimes you need to go to where the customers are. If your town has an annual fair or other community events, investigate how much it costs to set up a booth there. The same goes for trade shows that might be coming to your area. You’ll also need to spend money on business cards and flyers to hand out at the event, but it may be worth it.

All businesses should include advertising in their budgets. Advertising does not need to be expensive. Hopefully, you have a few new ideas about how to expand your business and get new customers.…

Save Space Using Television Brackets

Save Space Using Television Brackets

Space is a major constraint in homes nowadays. This may be due to the domination of the apartment culture in cities. Paucity of living space is forcing us to innovate several novel ideas to save space. In this context, if you mount your television on the walls using television brackets, you save much of your floor space. Not only in homes, even in commercial establishments, mounting of television at the appropriate spot using these brackets has become a common practice for various reasons. Because of such a wide usage, television brackets are highly sought after both in modern homes and in many commercial establishments.

Because a good amount of floor space is saved by mounting the television on the wall using these brackets, the appearance of the room will undergo a complete transformation. You will suddenly feel that the room looks larger. You can use the saved space for some other purpose. Further, if you mount your television with television brackets, your television set is held safely by the brackets. Therefore, children will not be able to meddle with the appliance. You need not worry about the damages that may be caused to your television by your pets.

Another great benefit derived by mounting the television on the wall using such brackets is that you can have a great viewing experience. In places where a large gathering is expected to view the television, mounting it on the wall using these brackets is preferable because it will give good visibility to one and all. If the television is placed at the right height, you can have a comfortable viewing position. The viewers need not strain their necks for viewing the television if it is placed at the right height. But the height should be decided based on the size of the television screen.

If you choose the appropriate television brackets, it will enhance the looks of your house. There are several varieties of these brackets available in the market. You should select the most suitable one for your house.

TV brackets need not be expensive. You can buy affordable brackets by doing a thorough search on the Internet. You can also consult a professional who may recommend the right television brackets for your television. The professional will take into account the design of your house for suggesting the suitable brackets. You can also get a good guidance from this professional for installing the brackets at the appropriate spot so that your TV viewing is highly enjoyable.…

Why You Need a Superb Pool Installation Service

If you’re looking to add a splash of fun to your home life, then installing a pool is the perfect choice for you. However, few people consider the work that goes into creating and maintaining a safe pool environment. To make your aquatic adventures even more enjoyable, you’ll want to ensure your pool is fresh and problem-free before jumping in.

Of course, reliable Pittsburgh pool installers will provide stellar service, but you still need to make some decisions. Here are a few tips to help you start the pool installation process.

Clear Out the Chlorine

When it comes to the chemicals in your pool, you may want to hold off on the chlorine. While not lethal on its own, chlorine can become dangerous in high amounts or when mixed with other chemicals. Side-effects range from blurry vision to lung fluids, so you’ll want to look at safer alternatives. For example, Pristine Blue is green-friendly and doesn’t irritate the skin as chlorine does.

Pick healthier chemicals, and you can feel much more comfortable as you soak in some sunshine.

Control the Climate

The weather won’t always cooperate with your pool time, so it helps to include temperature-control features. Heat pumps and heaters will come in handy when everyone wants to swim on a chilly night. You can also add a filter system to keep your water crisp and clean. Get the temperature and climate right, and your pool will be the cherry on top for any gathering.

Trust the Team

All these details may sound like a lot, but you don’t have to plan this out on your own. Pick an excellent pool installation service with plenty of creativity and experience. The team will know how to go about fulfilling your requests while providing the perfect pool for you. Plus, a pool installer can offer maintenance services and address any issues that come up later on.

A pool can breathe new life into your home, and the installation process should be just as refreshing. Follow these steps, and you’ll be savoring your own waters in no time.…

Top 3 Maintenance Tips for Pool Owners

Pools require year-round maintenance and care. However, many people do not realize their pool requires cleaning until there are signs of extreme damage and wear. It is important to establish a regular maintenance routine to prevent these problems from happening. The guide below offers several proactive measures you can take to keep your pool in good repair for years to come.

Schedule Yearly Inspections

Even with regular maintenance, your pool requires yearly inspections by a professional. Scheduling annual appointments with a pool service Sarasota FL can help you get ahead of structural or mechanical issues before they become big problems that need major repairs. During an inspection, pool service specialists can repair things like cracks in your pool’s foundation or faulty parts of your pool’s drainage system.

Skim and Vacuum Your Pool Regularly

Throughout the year, leaves and debris will fall into your pool. These obstructions can make your pool water dirtier and can even clog your pool’s drains and filters. To prevent this, be sure to skim your pool regularly. This means scooping up debris off the surface of the water with a net. You could also consider purchasing a pool vacuum to scrub the bottom of your pool. This will help prevent the buildup of mold on the pool’s surface.

Monitor Your Pool’s Chemical Levels

Your pool water requires a careful balance of chemicals to stay clean and safe for swimming. Without proper balance, your pool water can irritate the skin when swimming or promote the growth of harmful bacteria. Testing your pool water weekly is best. You can do this easily with pool testing kits available at the local hardware store. You can adjust the chemical levels yourself or with the help of a pool specialist.

Ignoring proper pool care can lead to costly repairs and can diminish the quality of your pool over time. Use these ideas to extend the life of your pool and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.…

Tile Laying for the Home Handyman

Tile Laying for the Home Handyman

You always have the option of paying someone to tile your own floors. However, when building my last two homes I have saved on average $5000.00 by tiling myself. The next few paragraphs provide tips and tricks on how to tile for yourself.

Don’t be fooled by all the fancy advertising for tiles on sale. I have found some ceramic floor tiles in one shop at $45 per square meter, and only just up the road at another shop, the exact same ceramic floor tile (matching serial number) for only $17 per square meter! This is by far the most expensive cost for tiling, the cost of the tiles themselves.

Other materials include the tile adhesive, tile grout, adhesive spreader tool, mixing attachment for your drill, a power drill, tile cutter, buckets and old rages. The best tip I have had for all my own building or landscaping jobs is how useful $1 buckets are to have handy. They can be used to carry items, store items, mix products, carry water, and can be replaced easily and cheaply at only $1 or less each. Another tip is to never throw out your old shirts and pants. If they have holes in them, rather than use them for land fill, cut them up into small square that can be used for rags.

For example, a house requiring 140 square meters of tiles, cost myself $2400.00. The adhesive seems to work out at one $25 bag per 10 square meters (total cost $350.00) and tile grout at one $15 bag per 25 square meters (total cost $90.00). The most expensive tool would or could be the tile cutter as they range from $25 to $400. I have easily produced great tile cuts with a $75 tile cutter which I have been using now for more than 10 years without problems. Total cost with all the extra tools would be around $3000.00.

If I paid someone to professionally lay these tiles it would cost around $35 per square meter. That is a total of $4900.00 for something I believe I can accomplish myself over 10 days of tiling. In other words, I can pay myself almost $500 per day to tile. Not bad pay if you can get it!

When tiling always take time to stand back and look at your work. This will give you an idea on how straight your tiling is, and also allow you to stretch your back. I always lay my tiles as full tiles first, then come back and cut tiles for the edges of my tiling areas. In areas that require very difficult cuts, like around drains and pipes, many shops offer to cut tiles for you, and for only a dollar or two per cut can save you hours on tiling time. Also remember to only create enough adhesive to cover say 3 to 4 square meters at a time or you will end up with dry adhesive that is hard to spread. The adhesive and laying of tiles can take 24 hours, before you can grout your tiles. Tile grout can take up to 24 hours to cure and harden.

Please remember that since you are tiling, and that you are the person cutting tiles, you can choose special colorful feature tiles like a mosaic tile to incorporate into your tile design. Having a professional tiler can cost so much extra money for these few extra hours of work.

When the work is finished, clean the tiles with a soft damp cloth and polish with a clean dry cloth. Now stand back and admire your own handy work. Another bonus is having all the tools and left over products to repair your own floors if they are ever damaged!…