September 2020

Maintenance Tips That Allow Your metal Roof To Show Its Mettle

Winter and summer weather extremes can take their toll on residential roofs. As a result, metal roofs have become increasingly popular for their resistance to heat ravages and snow pileup. Those qualities do not make them entirely impervious damage from the elements, however. Even durable metal roofs need to be inspected and maintained in preparation for a hard coming winter. If you have a metal roof on your home, your roofing specialist should follow these steps to inspect the roof and get it ready for the snow and ice.


Freeze-thaw cycles are notoriously damaging to various home structures, from basement foundations to chimney mortar joints. The roof’s constant expansion and contraction can cause seams to pull apart, allowing openings for water to enter and excess ice to form. Make certain any splitting or cracked seams are repaired to keep water from reaching the underlying structure. A professionally installed roof by roofing Orleans County NY will last years if this simple inspection is performed annually.

Ice Damage

Metal roofs are built so that snow can easily slide off. If steeply sloped, these roofs are generally resistant to ice buildup. However, roofs that have stops installed to prevent avalanches of snow from hitting people below can, as a result, form ice dams. Look at the stops to see if they have become bent, cracked or corroded from heavy ice formations.

Dings and Dents

Just as with your car, your roof can be seriously damaged by a nasty hailstorm. Look for pockets or dents on flat surfaces and ridges as summer’s thunderstorm cycle begins to abate. You may have to replace any sections that have suffered too much destruction or become unsightly.

Metal roofs are durable and utilitarian. When installed professionally, they can give your house a contemporary look. Taking the time to care for them during the fall can ensure they will be ready to gleam during the spring.…

3 Tips for Outdoor Entertaining at Night

Backyard barbecues, parties and other gatherings are among the highlights of summer. It’s difficult to pack so much fun into the daylight hours, however, so many get-togethers extend well into the night. While that’s great for setting the ambience, the darkness can present a new challenge for the party host. Here are some tips to help you organize a safe event when entertaining outdoors at night.

Deck Safety

Homeowners should inspect decks at least once a year to check for wood rot, loose floorboards, rusted fasteners and other conditions. The deck check also should confirm that railings are secure and that the ledger board is safely connected to the home or adjoining structure. Failure to perform an inspection could result in a deck collapse. It’s far too common a problem, as one study has found deck collapse events are increasing at an alarming rate. A collapse is not only an expensive repair for homeowners, but also can result in serious injury or death.

Bright Lights

Paper lanterns, tiki torches and twinkle lights are popular picks for illuminating an outdoor event, but they don’t provide adequate lighting to ensure guest safety. It’s important to have driveways, walkways and restrooms bathed in light, and decorative fixtures typically don’t offer enough coverage. Flood lights and other outdoor lighting are preferred for keeping large areas well lit and can also be attractive additions to an outdoor space. Search for exterior lighting Clearwater or in your area to find the right solution for your home.

Glow Strips

If obstacles like large rocks and tree stumps are in high-traffic areas, mark them with glow-in-the-dark tape. These reflective strips should also be affixed to steps and other inclined surfaces to prevent unnecessary falls and trips. Falling is a major problem for individuals over the age of 65, with serious injury occurring in approximately 20% of falls.

Throwing a great party starts with having a safe space for friends and family to gather. Keep these tips in mind so the fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down.…

Tips for Preparing for a New Baby

If you’re approaching the end of your pregnancy, you’re probably trying to make sure you get everything done before you go into labor. Many new parents pack the hospital bags and make sure that they have everything the baby needs. However, they often forget about these important details.

Stock the Fridge

Having a newborn can be exhausting, and you likely won’t have much time to go to the grocery store or cook. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a few weeks of meals planned in advance. Go ahead and fill the fridge with everything you’ll need to make some easy meals. Make all of the meals that you can now and stick them in the freezer.

Clean Everything

Having a clean house will be the last thing on your mind once you bring your new baby home, so it’s a good idea to have it deep cleaned now. You may not be up to doing heavy cleaning in your last trimester, so you should consider hiring professional cleaners Buckhead. You may also want to schedule to have them come a few weeks after the baby arrives as well.

Plan Childcare

It may seem early to start thinking about childcare, but your parental leave will be over before you know it. Many daycare centers fill up months in advance, so now is the time to start looking and book your spot. If you plan to hire a nanny, you should go ahead and conduct the interviews now since it can take a while to find the right person.

It’s a lot to get done, but taking care of it all now will allow you to be able to relax and spend time with your little one once he or she arrives. After all, they’re only little for so long, so enjoy it all while you can.…

Benefits of Using Professional Lawn Care

Owning your home is a wonderful feeling. Everything that you do to the home is mixed with personal care that gives you a sense of pride as you complete everyone. Of all the projects that you have to work there is none more important than caring for your lawn. Proper lawn care is important to the health and beauty of your landscape. Here are some of the benefits of using a professional Charlotte lawn care service.

Benefits of Using Professional Lawn Care for Your Home

Proper lawn care takes a lot of time and knowledge that most homeowners just do not have. Everyone knows how to mow a lawn, but only a few know the proper balance of nutrients and care that your lawn needs to thrive. Here are the benefits of their care.

  • You will benefit from a regularly trimmed yard. Grass and weeds grow all of the time as the weather is warm. You can know for certain that your yard is trimmed correctly and at the same time each week. It will always look good as you come home from work each day.
  • Most landscapers have an educational background that allows them the knowledge of how to care for the various types of grasses and plants. By giving it regular care, your yard will remain healthy from one season to the next.
  • Proper yard care adds a certain amount of curb appeal to your home. People will walk or drive by and think only good thoughts about your yard. And do not forget about the added value to your home that comes with proper yard care.
  • Professional landscapers also can help you renovate areas of your landscaping that will need to be touched up as spring arrives. All you have to do is choose the plants and they will take care of installing them correctly.
  • Your yard will still have weed and insect issues that can harm the health and look of your lawn. Your professional lawn care specialist knows exactly to treat the pests and keep the weeds out of your yard.

There are so many benefits of having your lawn cared for by educated professionals that it just makes good sense to turn your lawns care over to your right choice. The cost of lawn care is not that much and is easily budgeted. All you have to do is decide to make the call and then sit back and enjoy the look of your new landscaping.

5 Benefits of Investing in Professional Sprinkler Service

First impressions mean a lot for your home, and there’s no doubt that a freshly manicured lawn can do wonders for your property. That’s where professional Denver sprinkler service comes into play. Choosing the right sprinkler company to help with your lawn care needs makes a big difference. Here are a few of the biggest benefits to look forward to when bringing in the experts for sprinkler service.

1. Improved Irrigation

With the mass production of plastic pipes, modern irrigation improvements are extremely accessible and more affordable than you may think. Keeping your lawn properly watered is key to a healthy, vibrant appearance, and this is made possible by highly efficient sprinklers that take the hassle out of watering your yard. You can expect professional sprinkler specialists to provide trustworthy guidance on what sprinkler system will work best for your property.

2. Peace of Mind

A lot is going on in your daily life, and you don’t necessarily have the time to head outside and water your lawn every day. You can rest assured your lawn will still be watered and taken care of with a smart sprinkler system, installed and serviced by trusted professionals who have helped many other homeowners in the past. Whether you just have a long day at work and won’t be home in time for dinner, or you plan to head out of town for a few days, your sprinklers will adequately water your lawn.

3. Better Style

Speaking of watering, it’s safe to say a bunch of hoses running across your lawn doesn’t make for the most attractive look. You can upgrade your home’s exterior and make your lawn more family-friendly with underground sprinklers. With a few simple upgrades, you can eliminate those tripping hazards and unsightly hoses while investing in a more sustainable sprinkler system.

4. Enhanced Resale Value

Another benefit of hiring a professional sprinkler service provider is the boost a new sprinkler system can give to your home’s resale value. Just as you will appreciate a state of the art sprinkler system, so will prospective buyers if you ever decide to sell your house. Even if you plan to stay put for a long time to come, you can enjoy every day knowing your sprinklers will turn on with the touch of a button and you won’t need to spend an hour outside with the hose.

5. Smart Water Consumption

Finally, hiring your local sprinkler experts gives you the chance to upgrade your sprinkler system to something truly wonderful. If you feel like you need more from your sprinkler, you’re not alone. There are an estimated 15 million underground sprinklers that are not mobile-friendly, meaning they cannot be controlled by modern technology such as an app. The older the sprinkler system, the more likely there is room for improvement, and the right sprinkler company can make it happen. Investing in a smart system can save you money and cut down on water bills, as these solutions only use the water you really need.…

How to Make Your House Beautiful in an Eco-Friendly Way

If you’ve begun to plan home improvement projects since the novel coronavirus pandemic hit, you’re not alone. Many people have used their extra time at home to complete the projects they’ve been talking about for years. While it’s exciting to make your house look just the way you like it, it’s easy for this process to become harmful to the environment. Follow these tips to love your house in a way that your planet will love, too. How to Make Your House Beautiful in an Eco-Friendly Way?

Refinish Existing Surfaces

Rather than buying new furniture, tearing down walls, or repaving your floor, refinish your existing surfaces. Strip old wooden bookshelves of their faded finishes and give them a new coat of paint or wood varnish. Use fiberglass repair Virginia Beach VA to take care of cracked porcelain surfaces in your bathroom. These projects are not only quicker and more environmentally-friendly than replacements, they are also cheaper.

Buy Recycled Materials

The three R’s that you learned in grade school still apply today. If you can’t reuse a piece of furniture, buy something recycled to replace it. Look for options at your local hardware store that are made from recycled materials; you’ll be amazed at how many products are made from old water bottles. Another option is to find what you need at thrift stores. While you need to look for longer, since most thrift shops don’t have inventories, you’ll find old pieces that give your house a unique charm.

Save Your Leftovers

Rather than throwing away leftover paint, brushes, drop cloths, or tools, save your supplies. In a few years, you may want to remodel again, and this time, you’ll be ready.

With a little extra planning, you can turn home improvement projects into a quest to save the planet. Make sure to tell other people about your eco-friendly efforts so that they’re inspired to join you.…

3 Questions To Ask a Home Contractor Before You Sign a Contract

Many people choose to hire a contractor for home improvement projects so they will get done in a professional and timely manner. However, not all contractors operate to the same standards. Be ready to ask some questions to ensure you find one that you are comfortable working with.

1. Are You Licensed and Insured?

A contractor’s license tells you that the person you are hiring has gone through the appropriate training and has sufficient knowledge to perform the work they are proposing. That is why any contractor you hire to do work on your home should have the appropriate license for your area. Ask for their Connecticut contractor license number and check that it is current before you sign any contracts. You should also ask about liability and worker’s compensation insurance to make sure the costs of any injuries or property damage will be covered. If there is any hesitation or something doesn’t check out, move on to the next company.

2. Do You Provide Free Estimates?

One of the best ways to compare construction companies is to look at estimates side by side. It allows you to break down costs and get a clear picture. That comparison is much easier if you are able to secure free estimates from each contractor, which is something most are more than happy to provide. If a company insists you pay a deposit or fee to get an estimate, especially if it is for a smaller job and others are willing to provide one for free, it could be a red flag.

3. Can You Provide Samples of Your Work and References?

Once you have narrowed your selection down. ask to see samples of previous, similar projects. Talk to previous clients and get a feel for the contractor and their crew. Any references provided should have contact information so you can reach out and ask questions.

Working with a professional contractor can make any improvement project go more smoothly. Asking the right questions can help you find one you are comfortable with.…