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Tips on Selecting Floor Fixed Room Function

The floor is a fundamental part of decorating the room. Not only design that needs to be a concern, but also the quality of the material. Some of these qualifications are resistance to daily wear, moisture and load, and durable colors. We can find various types of flooring in the market. We can also make your own cement either with or without polishing.

The type of floor we choose that will be part of the home decor has a direct connection to the room. Although in the final stages of the building construction process. It’s important to make sure the bottom of cement layer is really strong considering it will be mounted on it. We also need to pay attention to the height of it in the room that tends to wet, such as bathroom and kitchen. The goal is that the water does not stagnate and can directly flow into the sewer.


Here are some ideas of floor type in accordance with the function room.

Home Entrance Floor

The high flow of people passing in the entrance area of the house, in this area must be from strong materials. Today many of natural materials have the process with high durability and other advantages. We recommend that you decorate the integrated entrance with the living room or living room with the same type. In an aesthetic point of view, it is not recommended to combine it with different types, textures or colors in the connection area. Except using carpet coverings.

Living Room Floor

In the living room we can be more creative in imagination with the texture we like the most. The color you choose should be compatible with the walls and furniture. Dark or bright colors are not a problem. All will depend on your decision. Do you want it to stand out or be equivalent to other elements? You have to make sure the floor of choice matches the interior style of the house.

When you choose a minimalist style, then choose it, walls, and furniture white or neutral colors. A dark gray, black, or metallic touch also fits this style.

Conversely, if you like the Mediterranean style, then you hould choose the pattern and strong color. The floor material depends on the impression you want to present.

Bedroom floor

Wooden flooring is the right choice for the bedroom. The material can present warmth and a touch of comfort. Standing feet on a wooden floor after waking up is part of that comfort.

Bathroom floor

Among the various flooring options available on the market, vinyl is an ideal choice for the bathroom floor. Ceramic floors or stone floors are the most commonly used materials for this room. The anti-skid material is the right choice because it can prevent accidents. Waterproofing ability is also worth noting before choosing bathroom floor.

Kitchen floor

The kitchen floor must be strong, waterproof, and resistant to acid stains such as vinegar and lemon. The color of the kitchen floor should be adjusted to the furniture. However, it is not recommended to choose a textured floor because the dirt can be tucked in between.

Under any circumstances, the best advice for you is to choose the floor carefully and not in a hurry. Take your time to observe samples, match the floor with furniture, and choose the type of floor that can be used for all rooms. You can combine several different materials and models. For example, wooden floor for the bedroom, garden, and living room. While the tile floor in the kitchen, corridor, and bathroom. Differences can be a major goal in decorative projects, as long as we know how to organize them.…

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Stackable Storage Units Can Get You Good Floor Space

Stackable Storage Units Can Get You Good Floor Space

We all need more space in our homes. This aim can be achieved if we have a good home storage. But, a good storage used to be quite expensive. Now we have affordable stackable storage units to solve this problem. As the name suggests, these units are stacked one above the other. Since you use vertical space instead of horizontal space, you can have additional storage space with these units. Your house will not remain cluttered if you start using these units. Another advantage with these units is they are not expensive. When you have more space in your homes, you can plan to decorate the space to give enhanced looks to your house.

You have several options in stackable storage units. These units are made with plastic, metal, wood, canvas and many other materials. Canvas storage units are highly flexible. So, you can have both good space and decor at affordable costs if you start using these units. Units made of plastic can be used in kids’ room. Only after the kids grow up and understand the importance of keeping the house neat and tidy, you should give them expensive storage units for their use. Even other places like the garage, basement, kitchen and other rooms can have these units so that you have ample space in every room where you use them.

The problem with almost all of us is that we are not able to decide which items are needed and which can be dispensed with. It is true that there are certain items that are needed only very occasionally. But, if we throw them away, during times of need, we will be forced to spend money for buying them again. So, the smart solution is to store these items in these stackable units. Items like seasonal clothes such as winter and summer clothes, decorations that are needed only during festivals and holidays and so on can be kept in these units. If you have more such items, you can have more of these units.

Since these stackable storage units are stacked one above the other, you will be using every inch of the vertical space. You get more floor space which can be used for some other purpose.

If you buy units that fit closely together, the top of one unit will hold the bottom of another. This not only saves more space but the storage units will be more stable with this arrangement.

You also get stackable storage units in various shapes and patterns. Attractive units with various designs like units with drawers and compartments are also available. By buying such attractive units, you add to the decor of the house.…

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Wood Laminate Floor Cleaning

Wood Laminate Floor Cleaning

Wood laminate floor cleaning is simple and quick. Wood laminate floors were created with quick and easy cleaning and overall maintenance in mind, especially when compared to regular wood floors, which need expensive and time-consuming regular maintenance. As such, it doesn’t take too much to keep wood laminate floors in perfect condition. You’ll just need to have the right equipment and cleaning solutions on hand, and to be ready to use them when you have to.

Firstly, always be vigilant; even material as stain resistant as wood laminate can be damaged or stained irreparably if left for too long. Always make sure to clean up any spilled substances immediately. Substances that are initially soft but which harden over time, such as chewing gum, can effectively be dealt with by placing ice on them to harden them and then by removing them immediately.

This brings us to the next tip. As many people have discovered to their regret, scratching is a real concern when it comes to cleaning laminate floors. The laminate may be damaged if these floors are scratched by furniture, pets, or in the course of cleaning (especially when removing substances such as bubblegum). Try to prevent scratches by keeping pets away from the area, or trimming their nails if they are to be kept around; cleaning as gently as possible; and using pads under furniture placed on your laminate floors.

Next, if and when you must clean your floor, you have to know that laminate floors cannot withstand being cleaned by materials that are soaked in too much water; they may warp or become delaminated if that is the case. You may choose to mop your floor, but use a damp mop instead of a wet one and dry immediately afterwards. A microfiber mop, which would absorb moisture very efficiently, would be good to use, as it would soak up the water right away.

You must also never polish or wax your floor as this could damage its lamination as well. You could use a special cleaning pad or microfiber pad to clean your floor (just make sure that it doesn’t have anything hard in it like sand or grit, which could scratch the floor). Or, if you would like to use a cleaning liquid, you could buy a special laminate floor cleaning fluid from a store – or you can make your own using a mixture of white vinegar and water. Sweep the floor first to rid it of any debris that could scratch it. Pour around ¼ cup of white vinegar into an empty 35-ounce spray-bottle and fill it with water. Cover the bottle and shake to mix. Spray floor with mixture and wipe immediately.

Lastly, if for whatever reason your wood laminate floor cleaning activities prove unsuccessful and a stain is visible and cannot be removed, no need to fret. Materials are available to conceal the damage and restore your floor to top shape. Or you can always hire someone to repair your laminate floor for you.…

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Enclosures Can Make Pools Safer and More Comfortable

A pool enclosure can more or less make an outdoor pool into an indoor one immediately. People may essentially get the benefits of each pool type simultaneously.

Pool Safety

The pool enclosure will help to keep insects and other animals away, making the swimming pool environment much cleaner and more secure. Many people specifically get Florida pool enclosures because they’re worried about these sorts of issues.

People will also get some ultraviolet radiation protection from the pool enclosures. The glass itself will block some ultraviolet rays. Many individuals won’t wear sunscreen when they swim outdoors. If they do, the sunscreen will probably get washed away fairly quickly.

When people have spent enough time swimming, most of the sunscreen lotion that they’ve applied will be gone. They’ll often have to apply sunscreen several times during a day of swimming, which can be bothersome for a lot of individuals.

Swimming in a pool that has an enclosure can help people efficiently protect themselves from the sun. The enclosure will be there during the entire swimming session. Once the enclosure has been installed, people will be able to benefit from this new form of sun protection each time they use the pool. Some people may want to use sunscreen anyway, but they might not have to worry about it as much.

Water Temperature 

It’s also much easier to control the overall pool temperature when the swimming pool is inside an enclosure. Many people heat their outdoor pools and indoor pools. Stabilizing a swimming pool’s overall temperature can be relatively difficult, especially if the pool is located outdoors. People can modify their pool enclosures at different points.

The pool enclosures themselves will help people prevent temperatures changes in the pool water that they don’t want. Still, glass pool enclosures are transparent, making this indoor pool still seem like an outdoor one.…

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Modern Rugs: The Best Rugs For Your Wooden Floor

Modern Rugs: The Best Rugs For Your Wooden Floor

Many people are fascinated by the wooden floor because of its natural beauty and shine. It affords a unique look to the house because of its matchless perfection. It has been the favorite of most homeowners many years back, but now it is already forgotten by a lot of folks, although it still renders the same beauty as it did a long time ago. However, because of its stylish look and extreme durability, some people are still smitten by it that’s why nowadays; you can still find it even in the most modern homes.

Even though wooden floors are considered by many as attractive as it is, there are still many people who consider them dry and lifeless. Much as they like to construct their homes with the use of wood, this problem keeps on bothering them, until the emergence of modern rugs. With the use of these rugs, the plainest of wood floors can become stunning and striking affording a new look and will solicit attention even to uninterested visitors. And not only that, it can also be as comfortable to use as compared to a carpet.

There are many places where these beautiful rugs can be purchased, either in stores or online. To save you the time and effort of having to look for them downtown going from one store to another, the Internet is the best source to shop. There are hundreds and thousands of dealers online where you can have access to a variety of attractive colors, several styles, multiple sizes and gorgeous designs. Deciding on what option will best fit any of your rooms in the house, these rugs will surely be a hit.

Options for the modern rugs will also depend on what room your piece is supposed to be positioned in. There are different variations that are suitable to every room of the house, whether in the bathroom, kitchen, the bedrooms, and library and even in the dining room. These rugs can be used in lieu of the cumbersome huge carpet that is hard to move while cleaning, and being difficult to clean as well. Your choice will also consider the color and style in every room. If the design of the living room is Victorian, then purchase rugs of the same pattern style which will match all the other accessories in that room. Finding many options for these rugs will allow you to decorate your homes easily without stress.

Modern rugs will surely be a better alternative for carpets because not only do they afford beauty to the home but also the same amount of comfort and warmth as what a carpet does at a lower cost.…

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Vinyl Floor Cleaning – Tips

Vinyl Floor Cleaning – Tips

Vinyl floors and altro safety floors are sound choices in certain domestic and commercial settings and, depending on the intended use, should provide a low maintenance surface which possesses a variety of good qualities. One of the main features of vinyl floors is that they are impermeable, which makes them perfect for areas where spillages are likely such as bathrooms and kitchens. Other qualities they possess are that they are available in a vast range of designs and colours and that it is an extremely easy floor to install.

There is a wide range in quality, perhaps more so than with other types of hard floor and as with many things in life – you get what you pay for. Cheap vinyl will be flimsy, will tear and scratch easily and will generally not last very long. The other extreme will be something like altro safety flooring which will be highly durable and able to withstand a lot of traffic and abuse and will, for this reason, be more commonly found in commercial settings. The type of floor you go for will depend on the location and what you need from the floor. In general a good quality vinyl floor will possess a good finish, will be easy to look after and will last – if cared for correctly.

Vinyl will need, like any other floor, to be looked after and maintained if you wish to keep it looking good – it is, in general, durable and resilient but that does not mean it is mark and scratch resistant. If it is not correctly maintained it may not be possible to clean it to a satisfactory finish and a vinyl floor cleaning specialist may need to be contacted.

Many factors can cause damage to vinyl and the most common are the corners of furniture or heavy objects, chair legs and dirt and grit walked into the area on the soles of shoes. While vinyl is a ‘wipe clean’ surface and most spillages or dirt can be removed by mopping or wiping, this will not work when the floor is marked or scratched and stains or bacteria become ingrained in the aforementioned marks. It is vitally important therefore to make sure the floor is protected as much as possible – place doormats at entrances, sweep and vacuum regularly, take care when moving heavy objects and apply padded tips to the corners of furniture and chair legs.…

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Shine With Concrete Floor Cleaners

Shine With Concrete Floor Cleaners

Have you ever looked at your concrete and wished you could just make it absolutely clean? Well, that’s the premise behind concrete cleaner. It’s a fact no matter how clean you keep your floors, they get dirty. Carpet glue, deicing salts, tile mastics, caulk, oil stains, grease stains, paint drips, and rust spots are just a few of the contaminants you may encounter. However, applying a cleaner to a surface can improve both its appearance, and functionality by protecting against dusting, stains, de-icing salts, efflorescence, and freeze-thaw damage.

Concrete cleaners are designed to clean or remove contamination from concrete surfaces. With the application of specially-formulated cleaners, you can maintain the intensity of your daily floor maintenance requirements.

Concrete floor cleaners- try it and love it

The intention behind developing concrete cleaner was to find a brilliant product that chemically breaks down the hardened concrete without even harming concrete. And, now with concrete cleaners, keeping your floor clean has become relatively simpler for those tired of using a combination of acid to clean their floors.

Special care requirements for colored concrete

When you care and protect your floor, integrally colored concrete will retain its color for a longer period of time. The color will not fade over time from exposure to the weather or ultraviolet light. To remove regular or stubborn stains, follow the general recommendations given for using cleaners for concrete.

Use only the right cleaner

How do you know what the right cleaner is for any given surface? Chances are that contractors will tell you. However, this useful information is often shared in every piece of a product. If not, manufacturer will usually pass you their recommendations for cleaning the existing surface.

Employ the professional concrete cleaner

A wide variety of professional concrete cleaners have the correct chemicals to effectively remove oil, grease, and those heavy rust stains from concrete surfaces. Their services will also work effectively on your driveway, sidewalks, walkways, pool decks, patios, and others. And since they are professional cleaners, not only your home flooring is included in their knowledge of providing cleaning services. They do remarkably well in buildings, garages, basements, parking lots and other application areas.

To elicit great impressions, especially if it is a restaurant, grocery store, building, school, hospital, home, or other business establishment or a guest house; buy the right concrete cleaners for the best cleaning results. There are few companies that allow you to get the free testing of their cleaners on your existing surface. So, give them a call, their services might just be what your concrete flooring needs.…

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Tiling Onto A Wooden Floor

Tiling Onto A Wooden Floor

When most people think of tiling, what comes to mind is usually basic information that’s not particularly interesting or beneficial. But there’s a lot more to tiling than just the basics.

The best time to learn about tiling is before you’re in the thick of things. Wise readers will keep reading to earn some valuable tiling experience while it’s still free.

When tiling onto a wooden floor you need to bear in mind it’s different than tiling onto a concrete floor.

There are many different things you can do and make sure you do before laying ceramic or porcelain tiles onto a wooden floor.

1. When tiling onto floor boards, you will firstly need to lay down 18mm thick floor grade plywood which needs to be screwed down every 30cm centres. You can use a single part flexible adhesive but I use a two part flexible tile adhesive. This is the belt and braces way of doing it.

2. When tiling onto chipboard you will need to do the same as above if you follow a strict adhesives guidelines – but you can use thinner plywood going down to 12mm if the chipboard floor is already solid and screwed down at 30cm centres. Then screw the plywood down in the same way.

3. When putting Under Floor Heating onto a wooden floor, you would firstly need to put down an insulation board. You can fix this down to your existing floor with a 2 part flexible adhesive and then screw it down at 30cm. Now you can lay the under floor heating mat or cable on top of your insulation board. It’s best to use a flexible self-level compound to cover the cables, then you can tile on top using a two part flexible adhesive.

4. If you have a situation were raising the floor might be a problem then you can use a product like Schluter-DITRA. This is a polyethylene membrane with a grid structure of square cavities each cut back in a dovetail construction, and an anchoring fleece laminated to its underside. Designed for tile and natural stone installations and under floor heating Schluter-DITRA not only serves as a waterproofing membrane but also a vapour pressure equalisation layer to accommodate moisture occurring at the underside of the substrate. It’s also an uncoupling layer for problematic substrates such as wooden floors, etc.

DITRA mat is only 3mm thick and you can use a two part flexible tile adhesive to stick it down. You can lay the matting straight down onto your floorboards if they have no movement up or down. Make sure the floorboards are flat and are screwed down to the joists – any natural movement will be taken up with the DITRA mat.

Laying onto chipboard will be the same way as onto floorboards. You can tile on top of the DITRA mat with a two part flexible adhesive. Again a single part adhesive can be used but a two-part adhesive is better.

I hope this is of some help.

That’s the latest from the tiling authorities. Once you’re familiar with these ideas, you’ll be ready to move to the next level.…