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3 Ways To Advertise Your Small Business

Small businesses have a harder time attracting customers than big ones. It’s hard to get the word out when advertising is expensive and your budget might not be huge. There are ways, however, for small businesses to advertise and bring in new customers that are not too costly.

1. Signs

If your business has a physical location that potential customers are walking and driving past, draw them in with catchy signs. Install vinyl signs Salem Oregon in your windows. They are easy to make and you can use them to advertise sales or new products. Work with a graphic designer to come up with a design that is sure to bring people through the door.

2. Social Media

There are very few people in this country that are not using some form of social media. That’s why the social media advertising business has boomed over the past decade. Depending on the level of advertising you want to do, it can be quite cost-effective. You can do targeted ads to people who like products similar to the ones you sell or you can cast a wide net to catch customers who don’t know yet that they want what you are offering.

3. Visit a Trade Show or Community Event

Sometimes you need to go to where the customers are. If your town has an annual fair or other community events, investigate how much it costs to set up a booth there. The same goes for trade shows that might be coming to your area. You’ll also need to spend money on business cards and flyers to hand out at the event, but it may be worth it.

All businesses should include advertising in their budgets. Advertising does not need to be expensive. Hopefully, you have a few new ideas about how to expand your business and get new customers.