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3 Great Tips for Creating a Private Garden Retreat

Wondering how you can have your own natural escape from everyday life? It’s actually quite simple to turn your backyard into a haven surrounded by the beauty of nature. Here are three tips for creating a private garden retreat for relaxation and reflection.

1. Add Water

Water has a way of soothing the mind and spirit, and that’s why your first backyard addition should be a tranquil pond. You can purchase a pre-made pond from your local nursery or hardware store or create a custom pond with liner. You can add koi to enliven the pond if conditions are appropriate. Head to your local provider of pond supplies Denver PA for all that you need to keep your new water feature clean and beautiful.

2. Create Privacy

If you intend to use your outdoor space as an escape from the stresses of life, you need to remove unnecessary distractions like unsightly views or the prying eyes of neighbors. You can make your outdoor space more private in some creative ways, but the most natural option is to create a green wall of privacy hedges. Use boxwoods or arborvitae – once established, the dense growth will provide great privacy for your outdoor oasis.

3. Install a Fire Pit

Include the element of fire in your garden retreat to add some warmth and charm. There are many fire pits to choose from, but perhaps the most charming is a steel sphere fire pit with a unique design. What’s best about these fire pits is that they do a great job of containing the fire, limiting the effects of shifts in wind. Add a cozy fire pit to your backyard and you’ll have the warmth and light that you need to enjoy evenings spent in nature.

Time spent in nature is good for your physical and mental well-being. Follow these tips and you’ll turn your backyard into an inviting escape that’s all your own.…

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Repairing Hard Wood Floor Scratches

Repairing Hard Wood Floor Scratches

Hard wood floors provide a warm feeling to any home but over time accidents occur and scratches mount, especially in high traffic areas. It’s almost impossible to avoid but there are ways to fix them without calling a repairman. The most important thing is distinguishing a scratch from a gouge, which is more problematic.

You can usually identify scratches if the discoloration is just in the finish and not in the actually wood. Scratches are easy to remove but holes in the actual wood may need a professional.

If you’ve determined what you have is a scratch here are the items you’ll need to begin work: very fine steel wool or sandpaper, your choice of oil or water based finish (If the finish you’ve chosen is water based don’t use the steel wool), a soft cloth, a fine paint brush, mineral spirits.


1. If the floor is coated with polyurethane take a cloth and dampen the scratched area with mineral spirits.

2. With the fine steel wool or sand paper lightly rub the edges of the scratch in the direction of the grain roughing it up and buffing out the scratch. This will allow the new finish to stick more easily. Remember, you are touching up; there is no need to bare down.

3. Feather slightly past the scratch line to blend with the surrounding area. If you cross the grain use a circular motion to correct it.

4. After roughing up the edges do a very good clean of the area with a cloth dampened with mineral spirits.

5. Allow to dry completely.

6. If stained apply the proper stain using a rag and blend it in with the surrounding area.

7. Depending on size of scratched area apply polyurethane with a brush. If the scratch is small use a fine brush. The key is trying to blend the repair with the rest of the floor.

8. Allow to dry for several hours and repeat if necessary.

There are alternatives to the above:

• Urethane repair kits are available in hardware stores.

• A natural method: Mix one part olive oil and vinegar shaking vigorously. Pour a small amount on the scratch rubbing lightly into the wood. Let it sit for 12 -24 hours and repeat until the scratch disappears.

NOTE: If you have a polyurethane floor and you just removed all the scratches never apply wax as doing so will prevent application of future coats.…

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White Tiles – Simplicity With Elegance

White Tiles – Simplicity With Elegance

Time has changed several things, starting from living style to the increasing trend. Swift movement of fashion has greatly affected the tile world. Where bygone era was only aware of simple white tiles which were widely used, colourful tile is the latest fashion followed by modern world. Presently, you might come across with many tiles that have bee decorated with colourful designs and patters to make them appealing. But, white tiles feature a tremendous magnetism that can never goes unnoticed.

Usually, plain white tiles are preferred for hospitals, restaurants, rest rooms, laboratories, surgical areas, wards and hallways. Using these tiles in aforesaid areas signifies peace, relaxing and cool weather condition. White tiles are also an inspiration for artists who use them in artistic geometrical patterns and colours. Simple tiles may look very ordinary but you can make them interesting by off setting the white tiles against other soft shades.

Besides you can create a striking and individual effect with creams and pastils. The other alternatively you have is using black and white combination for something more striking background. If you are ready to any length of creativity you can go for mixing and matching contrast colours together.

As it is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so no matter whatever design is chosen will suit your personality. Above tat it is essential to know what you really want. Imitating others or following crowd may not fit into your choice. Rather select something that best exemplifies your individuality. If you honestly do not want to run after trend choosing simple white tiles will not be a wrong choice.

Earlier white tiles were the only option people had to decorate their house. However, ever changing world has come up with colourful tiles, declining the popularity of plain tiles. The basic reason for their declining fame could be the absence of their versatile. Means, they are not able to flex in style and cannot suit many decoration regimes. Nevertheless, you will love them if you are the kind of person who enjoys simple and less fanciful styles for your bathroom or any other place. Moreover, tiles are able to match with any accessories in the room.

Porcelain and ceramic are the basic choices as a white tile. They have smooth surface and has shiny appearance that imparts simplicity and elegance. Also, these tiles make the room look bigger than any other printed tile. You can get them easily in the market at cheaper cost. So, it also fits into your budget and do not shatter your economy.…

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Interceramic Oakwood Tile – The Perfect Alternative for Wood Planks

Interceramic Oakwood Tile – The Perfect Alternative for Wood Planks

There are many ways in which you can render the looks of wood to the floor. The need to have the floor made of wood arises from the fact that it is one of those commodities that is lighter in weight than bricks or stones and is a bad conductor of heat. This means that wooden floors do not get hot or cold with the outside temperature being high or low respectively. Another reason for installing wooden floors in a house is because these floors make a house look a lot more beautiful and alluring.

The wooden d?�cor is considered to bring about the rich aura of royalty and natural ambience. When the floor is made of wood, then it serves as a background for contrasting everything else in the room. The room can be made in the Victorian Style or it can be in the form of a modern, contemporary design, the floor made of wood makes the room look all the more beautiful, especially when it has simple and light colors on the walls.

One would have noticed the use of wood on the floor in the houses that were made decades ago. The best usage is seen when you come across a large fireplace on one side of the room and the rest of the room has got wooden floors. Such an aura of wooden floor tends to stick and which is the reason why the floors that look like wood are so much in demand. But when you plan to have wooden planks installed in the interiors of your apartment or house, you realize that the cost is too high and also the time that it takes for installation would mean days of work. These two reasons deter one from getting the wooden flooring installed.

However there is an alternative in the form of Interceramic Oakwood tiles. These are tiles that have been created to look like wooden planks. They are available in a variety of wooden looks and these looks allow one to choose from amongst Bronze, Cherry, Golden, Walnut and Multi colors.…

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Tips for Planning an Incredible Outdoor Event

Outdoor events present a fun challenge when it comes to planning and execution. They offer opportunities to be creative that indoor events can’t provide. Here are a few tips to consider when planning your outdoor event.

Logistics and Layout

Outdoor spaces can present more freedom with the layout. Take photos of the outdoor venue, making note of topography that could limit certain design elements. Don’t forget to plan for essential items like garbage cans and restrooms. Crossing these items off your list and sticking to your events design goals is possible with luxury restroom rentals. You may want to dedicate extra time to plan the logistics for load-in and load-out of the event to keep guests separated from the back of house tasks.

Pest Control

Nature is a beautiful thing until it crawls on your legs or bites your unsuspecting guests. Insect repellent, citronella candles, and drink covers can help keep guests protected from unwanted pests. Depending on the location and prevalence of insects, you might hire an exterminator to cover the area. Keep in mind that there may be a time between the extermination and when food can safely be served in the area.

Weather Preparation

One of the most unpredictable elements for your outdoor event, creating plans for various weather scenarios is a must. Consider purchasing weather insurance for your event if foul weather could force it to be canceled. Monitor the weather reports and plan for extra hydration and misting stations if the temperature will be high. Scout out locations where tents and cover can be placed in the event of rain.

Planning an outdoor event is an excellent opportunity to get creative with design elements not available for indoor spaces. However, it can also prevent challenges unique to the outdoors. Keep these tips in mind for your next outdoor event.…

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3 Benefits of Using a Moving Company

Getting all of your stuff from your old home to your new home is often one of the most frustrating and stress-inducing aspects of moving to a new home. Using a moving company can take some of the stress out of the process because of these three benefits.

1. They Know What They Are Doing

Most people only move a few times in their life. Moving companies St Louis pack and move people’s belongings every day. They know how to do the job in a way that is efficient and avoids damage to your property. Rather than spending a lot of time hunting for boxes, packing boxes and throwing your back out trying to move those boxes, only to end up with broken things, hire a moving company and let their experience work for you.

2. Moving Companies Can Save You Money

Many people are reluctant to hire a moving company because they think it will cost too much money. However, by the time you invest money in boxes, bubble wrap, a rental truck and fuel for the truck, plus any time you might need to take off work to get your packing done, it may be less expensive to pay a moving company.

3. Avoid Potential Injury

Professional movers know how to safely move heavy objects, such as furniture, without injuring themselves. If you try to move all of your stuff yourself, you could easily end up straining something. Additionally, there will be no need to recruit friends to help you carry stuff, make multiple trips or purchase lifting equipment, such as straps and dollys.

Packing and moving your belongings can be a frustrating, tiring and stressful situation. Hiring professional movers can save you time, money and frustration, allowing you to focus your attention on getting your new home set up.…

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Maintenance Tips That Allow Your metal Roof To Show Its Mettle

Winter and summer weather extremes can take their toll on residential roofs. As a result, metal roofs have become increasingly popular for their resistance to heat ravages and snow pileup. Those qualities do not make them entirely impervious damage from the elements, however. Even durable metal roofs need to be inspected and maintained in preparation for a hard coming winter. If you have a metal roof on your home, your roofing specialist should follow these steps to inspect the roof and get it ready for the snow and ice.


Freeze-thaw cycles are notoriously damaging to various home structures, from basement foundations to chimney mortar joints. The roof’s constant expansion and contraction can cause seams to pull apart, allowing openings for water to enter and excess ice to form. Make certain any splitting or cracked seams are repaired to keep water from reaching the underlying structure. A professionally installed roof by roofing Orleans County NY will last years if this simple inspection is performed annually.

Ice Damage

Metal roofs are built so that snow can easily slide off. If steeply sloped, these roofs are generally resistant to ice buildup. However, roofs that have stops installed to prevent avalanches of snow from hitting people below can, as a result, form ice dams. Look at the stops to see if they have become bent, cracked or corroded from heavy ice formations.

Dings and Dents

Just as with your car, your roof can be seriously damaged by a nasty hailstorm. Look for pockets or dents on flat surfaces and ridges as summer’s thunderstorm cycle begins to abate. You may have to replace any sections that have suffered too much destruction or become unsightly.

Metal roofs are durable and utilitarian. When installed professionally, they can give your house a contemporary look. Taking the time to care for them during the fall can ensure they will be ready to gleam during the spring.…