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How to Make Your House Beautiful in an Eco-Friendly Way

If you’ve begun to plan home improvement projects since the novel coronavirus pandemic hit, you’re not alone. Many people have used their extra time at home to complete the projects they’ve been talking about for years. While it’s exciting to make your house look just the way you like it, it’s easy for this process to become harmful to the environment. Follow these tips to love your house in a way that your planet will love, too. How to Make Your House Beautiful in an Eco-Friendly Way?

Refinish Existing Surfaces

Rather than buying new furniture, tearing down walls, or repaving your floor, refinish your existing surfaces. Strip old wooden bookshelves of their faded finishes and give them a new coat of paint or wood varnish. Use fiberglass repair Virginia Beach VA to take care of cracked porcelain surfaces in your bathroom. These projects are not only quicker and more environmentally-friendly than replacements, they are also cheaper.

Buy Recycled Materials

The three R’s that you learned in grade school still apply today. If you can’t reuse a piece of furniture, buy something recycled to replace it. Look for options at your local hardware store that are made from recycled materials; you’ll be amazed at how many products are made from old water bottles. Another option is to find what you need at thrift stores. While you need to look for longer, since most thrift shops don’t have inventories, you’ll find old pieces that give your house a unique charm.

Save Your Leftovers

Rather than throwing away leftover paint, brushes, drop cloths, or tools, save your supplies. In a few years, you may want to remodel again, and this time, you’ll be ready.

With a little extra planning, you can turn home improvement projects into a quest to save the planet. Make sure to tell other people about your eco-friendly efforts so that they’re inspired to join you.