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Maintenance Tips That Allow Your metal Roof To Show Its Mettle

Winter and summer weather extremes can take their toll on residential roofs. As a result, metal roofs have become increasingly popular for their resistance to heat ravages and snow pileup. Those qualities do not make them entirely impervious damage from the elements, however. Even durable metal roofs need to be inspected and maintained in preparation for a hard coming winter. If you have a metal roof on your home, your roofing specialist should follow these steps to inspect the roof and get it ready for the snow and ice.


Freeze-thaw cycles are notoriously damaging to various home structures, from basement foundations to chimney mortar joints. The roof’s constant expansion and contraction can cause seams to pull apart, allowing openings for water to enter and excess ice to form. Make certain any splitting or cracked seams are repaired to keep water from reaching the underlying structure. A professionally installed roof by roofing Orleans County NY will last years if this simple inspection is performed annually.

Ice Damage

Metal roofs are built so that snow can easily slide off. If steeply sloped, these roofs are generally resistant to ice buildup. However, roofs that have stops installed to prevent avalanches of snow from hitting people below can, as a result, form ice dams. Look at the stops to see if they have become bent, cracked or corroded from heavy ice formations.

Dings and Dents

Just as with your car, your roof can be seriously damaged by a nasty hailstorm. Look for pockets or dents on flat surfaces and ridges as summer’s thunderstorm cycle begins to abate. You may have to replace any sections that have suffered too much destruction or become unsightly.

Metal roofs are durable and utilitarian. When installed professionally, they can give your house a contemporary look. Taking the time to care for them during the fall can ensure they will be ready to gleam during the spring.