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Slate Bathroom Tiles – Affordable, Durable And Beautiful Flooring

Slate Bathroom Tiles – Affordable, Durable And Beautiful Flooring

Slate bathroom tiles are both a beautiful and practical choice for your bathroom and if home renovation is in your mind then consider using these slabs in your bath. The beauty of this flooring is that it is convenient to install and easy to maintain. It displays excellent resilience towards water and moisture. Also it can withstand soap scum and mild chemicals found in shampoos, detergents and hair colors. Slate has the strength of a natural stone and gloss of a clay slab. Since it is available at cost effective price, everyone including homeowners with average monthly income can use them.

Slate bathroom tiles come in cool colors and those who think that this flooring is available only in dull grey color need to change their perception about this flooring. When shopping for these slabs, you will get many coloring options to choose from. It is available in brick red, oceanic blue, light green, shining grey and still grey. You can choose any color that matches well with the look and theme of your home. There are no worries regarding the slabs becoming dull after coming into contact with polluted water. This flooring never loses its color. The only precaution you need to take regarding these slabs is to wash them only with color safe oxygen bleach solution.

The good thing about slate bathroom tiles is that they require little maintenance. All you need to do to keep your slate bathroom floor sparkling clean is wipe the extra water from the floor every time after taking shower and washing the clothes. Make sure that there is no extra water on the floor. These slabs are waterproof but the grout lines are not waterproof. Slabs can prevent the water from penetrating beneath their surface but grout lines can make way for the water to percolate down the surface. Ideally you should seal the slabs for added protection against water and moisture.

When shopping for slate bathroom tiles, buy at least 10% extra slabs. The extra pieces can be used for replacing broken slabs or making border. Also you can store the extra pieces for future use. These slabs can be stored for any number of days. Just wrap them in a waterproof covering and put them at a safe place in your home. If you don’t want to store the extra pieces then you can return them to the retailer from whom you have bought them.