How Creatively Created Without Wall

Think of your favorite space. Describe all the objects in it. What if now you get rid of the dividing wall. What is left? Does it still look like a room? What elements are still intact to distinguish them as space?

The wall is arguably one of the easiest and most recognizable architectural elements to reinforce a room. Let’s develop this idea and identify other ways to determine the perception of a space. Let’s look at some of the following tips for creating your home spaces without relying on a barrier.


Level Comparison Wall

Floor level changes in the house may be more expensive than flat floor plates. It may also be less calculated by people who have difficulty climbing stairs. However, level changes are essential to strengthen the character of a space.

Floor level changes can mark specific zones in open spaces. It can also help establish the hierarchy of space. This is indicated by the absence of an insulating wall between the sitting room and another adjacent space. It only revolves around one or more stairs that distinguish the two areas.

Hanging Element

In this room, there is a material change at the ceiling level, while the floor remains consistent. This material change is a smart visual trick to describe the inner zone of the house with an open space plan.

If you can not make a variety of materials in your space, try using paint to add dramatic effects. Keep the color consistent from the ceiling to the wall. A sharp line reinforces the sleeping area of a nearby window.

For a comfortable seating area, give a larger portion to the ceiling. Colors can remain consistent with this technique. Add some chandeliers that strengthen scale changes and add dramatic effects from this zone.

Structural Elements

Structural elements in a house can also be used to reinforce the space. In addition to helping determine the focal point in space, exposed roof beams plus dramatic lighting also adds aesthetics to the flat ceiling.

In most homes, the exposed structural elements are usually specific to roof and floor frames. However, you can also expose the frame on a transparent glass wall.


An easy way to add privacy restrictions near the entrance is to combine a space divider. This special insulation allows visual access to the front door with transparent glass. Insulation is a great way to make architectural transitions between rooms.

For a more modern yet fantastic look, combine the steel frame and wooden blocks that provide the transition between a living room and dining room.


Bright wood is very contrast when combined with dark tile floors, which is a visual cue to the reading room. Note the ceiling changes as well as the floor change.

The use of wood materials on the dining room floor and the transition on the stairs leading to the kitchen show the impression of contrast, as well as reinforced by the material used on the wall. Think creatively about your floor material changes to add character and dynamics.

Insisting on space without a massive wall is most appropriate when applied to a place with no walls at all! This outdoor space relies on a pavement area of ceramics and wood paneling that contrasts with the garden area to give the impression of a space.…

Tips on Selecting Floor Fixed Room Function

The floor is a fundamental part of decorating the room. Not only design that needs to be a concern, but also the quality of the material. Some of these qualifications are resistance to daily wear, moisture and load, and durable colors. We can find various types of flooring in the market. We can also make your own cement either with or without polishing.

The type of floor we choose that will be part of the home decor has a direct connection to the room. Although in the final stages of the building construction process. It’s important to make sure the bottom of cement layer is really strong considering it will be mounted on it. We also need to pay attention to the height of it in the room that tends to wet, such as bathroom and kitchen. The goal is that the water does not stagnate and can directly flow into the sewer.


Here are some ideas of floor type in accordance with the function room.

Home Entrance Floor

The high flow of people passing in the entrance area of the house, in this area must be from strong materials. Today many of natural materials have the process with high durability and other advantages. We recommend that you decorate the integrated entrance with the living room or living room with the same type. In an aesthetic point of view, it is not recommended to combine it with different types, textures or colors in the connection area. Except using carpet coverings.

Living Room Floor

In the living room we can be more creative in imagination with the texture we like the most. The color you choose should be compatible with the walls and furniture. Dark or bright colors are not a problem. All will depend on your decision. Do you want it to stand out or be equivalent to other elements? You have to make sure the floor of choice matches the interior style of the house.

When you choose a minimalist style, then choose it, walls, and furniture white or neutral colors. A dark gray, black, or metallic touch also fits this style.

Conversely, if you like the Mediterranean style, then you hould choose the pattern and strong color. The floor material depends on the impression you want to present.

Bedroom floor

Wooden flooring is the right choice for the bedroom. The material can present warmth and a touch of comfort. Standing feet on a wooden floor after waking up is part of that comfort.

Bathroom floor

Among the various flooring options available on the market, vinyl is an ideal choice for the bathroom floor. Ceramic floors or stone floors are the most commonly used materials for this room. The anti-skid material is the right choice because it can prevent accidents. Waterproofing ability is also worth noting before choosing bathroom floor.

Kitchen floor

The kitchen floor must be strong, waterproof, and resistant to acid stains such as vinegar and lemon. The color of the kitchen floor should be adjusted to the furniture. However, it is not recommended to choose a textured floor because the dirt can be tucked in between.

Under any circumstances, the best advice for you is to choose the floor carefully and not in a hurry. Take your time to observe samples, match the floor with furniture, and choose the type of floor that can be used for all rooms. You can combine several different materials and models. For example, wooden floor for the bedroom, garden, and living room. While the tile floor in the kitchen, corridor, and bathroom. Differences can be a major goal in decorative projects, as long as we know how to organize them.…

Why You Should Go For The Wall Mounted Air Conditioner And Heater?

The wall mounted air conditioner and heater is one of the most popular Air Conditioning (AC) systems in modern homes. This is because it is easy to install and their initial cost of purchase is lower when compared to the other AC systems. The modern wall mounted AC units are designed with energy conservation in mind and so they provide effective heating and efficient cooling in order to ensure you remain comfortable every time of the year or season.

Where should you use the wall mounted AC unit?

A wall mounted AC unit is usually placed at some high level on the wall. They are mostly ideal for shops, server rooms, offices, living rooms, bedrooms and other smaller areas. You should ensure they are installed by an expert installer. The expert installer will identify the point or position in which they can perform at optimum and supply the room with continuous and even flow of air. These units are normally very quiet and thus you can sleep very well even when they are turned on and running.

The larger rooms may need several units of wall mounted AC units but installed of them, you may install just one unit of the best central air conditioner which will then supply air to all other areas through vents and ducts. Note that most of the central air conditioners are large in size and are a bit noisy. They are mostly suited for large commercial and industrial applications.

Which brand should you choose?

There are many brands of wall mounted AC units out there in the market and choosing the best unit for your home, office or other place can be a bit tricky. The most important factors to consider in your choice are efficiency, aesthetics, quality and price. As regards price, there are several ranges intended to suit the various budgets. Important to note is that the most expensive unit is not necessarily the best. However, this is not a license for you to go for the cheapest unit in the market in the hope that it will perform like any other unit out there. Always try to balance between price and quality. A medium priced unit maybe of reasonable quality and may offer better service and value for money than a lowly or highly priced unit.

Installation is important:

You may buy a good wall mounted AC unit but if it is not installed properly, it will not serve you well. You should hire an expert to install the unit properly. In fact, some manufacturers provide that the warranty on the unit will be voided if it is not properly installed. The service of professional installers is backed by warranty, which may sometimes be for as long as 10 years.