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Who invented the toilet?
Unfortunately none of those nine patents granted between 1861-1904 were for the flushing toilet. While he did not invent the toilet Crapper still has a close connection to the first patent for the toilet. Albert Gilblin an employee of Crapper holds the 1819 British Patent for a Silent Valveless Water Waste Preventer. This device was a system which allowed a toilet to flush effectively. Crapper later purchased the rights for this patent from his employee and marketed the device.
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Main article Squat toilet. A squat toilet also called squatting toilet or Turkish toilet is a toilet of any technology type i.e. pit latrine urine-diverting dry toilet flush toilet etc. which is used in a squatting position rather than sitting. This means that the defecation posture used is to place one foot on each side of the toilet drain or hole and to squat over it. Squatting toilets are most commonly found in Asia Africa and the Middle East but can also occasionally be found in some European Mediterranean and South American countries.

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