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Tips for Choosing Pine Flooring

Tips for Choosing Pine Flooring

Choosing flooring can be one of the most difficult parts of any renovation project. Whether you are redoing a floor in your home or making one from scratch, you want to make the smartest and most cost-effective decision. There are many benefits to choosing a pine floor. Pine is one of the most durable and affordable types of wood. It helps create a lovely traditional feel to the home, especially when it is antiqued pine wood flooring.

Pine flooring is very versatile. You can choose to leave it as is, have it antiqued, or cover it over with a paint or stain. It all depends on the decor in the room and of course what your own personal style is. For anyone planning to head out and purchase pine flooring, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Decide whether you want a more traditional or contemporary look for one thing. This is what will make the hugest difference in which type of pine flooring to choose. If you like a more modern look, a dark pine hardwood floor with a matte stain will work perfectly. On the other hand, if it is a more traditional look you are going for, use an unfinished pine floor or have it antiqued. Both of these create a warm, country feel in the home because you can see the raw holes and knots in the wood so it is a very natural feel.

Shop around at a few different stores so you can see the different types of pine flooring up close and in person. This makes it much easier to decide than if you are simply looking at samples.

Oak flooring and other types of wood flooring work well also. You may want to expand your search and see if what you are looking for is another type of wood. To accent your new hardwood floor, try browsing through some area rugs to see if you find one that works. An area rug can help not only bring some decoration into a room but also keep the floor warm. During the winter months this makes the room much more comfortable and saves on your heating bill to boot.