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Proper Use Of Floor Cleaners

Proper Use Of Floor Cleaners

The floor of a home receives more wear and tear than any other part of the interior, so it is important to give it the best of care to help it stay its best through a lifetime of use. It is imperative to use the proper cleaner for the installed floor cover, whether the home’s original floor is wood or concrete.

To begin with, proper installation of any floor cover is extremely important, to minimize floor care and cleaning. In many homes, underneath the floor cover in use is sub flooring that protects the home’s original floor. It is most important to protect the home’s concrete or boards from any exposure to elements or pests. Homes of today use coverings that protect this original floor, but should they not be installed and sealed properly, problems can grow over the years. such as accumulated dampness, resulting in mildew, and, in the case of wood, warping, and eventually, rot. Make sure proper base boards finish the installation job, as they play a part in protecting edge seams and corners.

Once proper installation is complete, the focus is on the maintenance and cleaning. The older linoleum required mopping, waxing, than buffing or polishing. With today’s vinyl flooring, many recommend regular mopping with no waxing necessary. In fact, wax can actually dull some of the vinyl finishes.

Hard wood flooring requires different cleaners, and maybe a wax, depending on the finish; however, laminates do not even require that. Any wood product requires an oil-base cleaner, in order not to dry out the wood. Yet, there are also cleaners that are not oil-based that can do the job because of proper PH balance that will not harm the wood.

Caring for any marble or tile floor is very simple, but, again, requires regular maintenance to keep its surface in tact and looking its best. For instance, travertine tiles, like marble, are very porous and should be sealed on installation. The unique niches in each tile can also be filled, making it easier to maintain. Sealing will protect against stains, but not against etching from any acidic spill, such as coffee or wine. Spills should be blotted up right away to prevent this, and cleaning should be done with a stone cleaner. If vacuuming, make sure brush is free from dirt or grit to prevent damage. On rare occasions, mild soap can be used, but might dull the surface. Test first. With the above advice in mind, you can be assured of safe and clean flooring throughout your home.