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How To Make Your Basement a Man Cave

These days it may feel like you can’t find a space to relax in your own home. Class is taking place in the dining room and your office is in the living room. There is no better time to convert your basement into a man cave and finally have space away from it all. The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot to get your room set up.

Keep Out the Damp

The virtue of having a basement man cave is that it is out of the way. A problem can be the damp seeping in from the ground. Invest in basement waterproofing Parma to keep your room dry and comfortable. This treatment is also a good investment for your home, as it keeps out mold and mildew.

Choose the Right Entertainment

Think about what you want to do in your man cave. Do you want to entertain friends? If so, you should have a wide range of activities, such as a pool table or a bar area. Is it going to be a space where you can be alone? A big screen tv or a good stereo system might be what you need. Just make sure that you set it up as an entertainment space to ensure that work doesn’t creep in.

Buy Some Comfy Furniture

It might be tempting to replace the furniture in other rooms and move the old stuff into your new man cave. But you deserve new furniture too. Take your time picking the right pieces, focusing on comfort and durability. If you are planning on setting up a tv area, you might want to get theater seating. Plan different seating arrangements if you are planning on having friends over.

It’s been a tough year. Treat yourself to a space that is all for you. There are so many different things you can do to set up your man cave, so have fun with it.