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Preventive Maintenance on Household Systems

Businesses know that preventive maintenance on all systems can help save money over time. Homeowners can use this same approach to keeping the mechanical systems in their homes in excellent working order. A few simple checks every season may save time and money.


Checking the interior and exterior electrical systems around the house can help alleviate any problems before they grow. Outdoor circuit boxes should be inspected annually for any tampering or wear and tear. Interior outlets and circuits should also be checked for repair. An outlet that produces sparks or heat while in use may need to be replaced. Batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and burned out light bulbs can all be replaced during this inspection for safety reasons.


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems should also be checked for visible signs of damage or deterioration at the beginning of the season in which the system will be used. Therefore, heating systems are often checked before the winter, and air conditioning services conroe tx should be checked in the spring before the full heat of the summer starts. This yearly maintenance can prevent breakdowns during the season when the price for a repair typically skyrockets due to demand. Air filters should be replaced during this maintenance.


While the plumbing in interior walls cannot be easily seen, other parts of the plumbing system should be monitored for leaks. Gaskets and seals wear out over time. A small hole might not be noticed until the seal fully gives away and becomes a significant water problem. Visible couplings should be checked under sinks and in the basement. The water heater settings, joints, and fittings should also be inspected for corrosion, especially since the life span of a water heater is much less than that of other systems in the house.

Yearly inspections of primary home comfort systems should save you time and money in the long run.