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Top Three Qualities to Look for in Schools

Schools are a constant part of life. Whether you’re shopping schools for your first-born Kindergartner or exploring colleges before your children flee the nest, there are important qualities to look for in all types of schools. From elementary to university, check out these simple tips to select a school that fits your student and family.


Select a school that offers both rigorous and versatile curriculum studies. Research each potential school’s philosophy on testing, cross-curricular courses and faculty-student interaction. If you’re looking for a new school for your sixth grader, search for middle schools that offer suitable preparation for high school classes and beyond. Perhaps you are a few steps further, touring colleges and universities to help your child find their new home away from home. Talk to tour guides and examine academic majors to ensure contenders offer enough variety when it comes to post-secondary studies. Your child may want to be a biologist today, but dreams can change. If your loved one changes their major after one semester, make sure they are at a school that offers a wide range of majors and studies in case directions change.


Students spend most of their day at school. You want to look for schools that offer a sense of community, calm and cleanliness. Seek out schools that have thoughtfully invested in educational campus planning. These institutions often feature buildings in smart proximity, shared student-learning spaces and overall accommodating designs that makes sense for the school’s student body and location.

Extracurricular Activities

Your student is at school to learn, but there’s so much learning that happens once the textbooks are closed. Look for schools that promote extracurricular activities, clubs and events to ensure your child can grow socially and emotionally with their peers. If your child is passionate about art, music or sports, seek out environments that tailor to those strengths.

Changing schools can be a challenging yet exciting time. Using this guide, you’ll be well on your way to locating the next educational oasis where your student can soar.