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The Top Benefits of Installing a Retaining Wall

If you are considering making improvements to your landscape, and you don’t have a retaining wall yet, it’s a good idea to have one constructed. If you aren’t sure how a retaining wall may benefit your property, keep reading.

Improved Flood Control for Your Property

An issue that some people don’t expect is flooding. However, if this is a possibility in your area, then installing retaining walls Manorville NY is highly recommended. Even if flash floods aren’t an issue, areas with poor drainage may flood from time to time, and a retaining wall can prevent more serious damage from occurring.

When the right type of retaining wall is installed, it will protect your home and property from the damage that flooding may cause.

Increase Aesthetic Appeal of Your Property

When someone thinks about retaining walls, they may imagine a basic, boring concrete block wall. While this is a fine option, it’s not always very nice to look at. You can find several materials to use for retaining wall construction, including wood, boulders, concrete blocks, concrete, bricks, and gabion.

It’s also possible to use veneer with attractive stones or even a mosaic installed over a sturdy yet less attractive wall. With so many options, you can customize the retaining wall to fit the rest of your landscaping aesthetic.

Create a Solid Property Boundary Marker

In some situations, you will need to establish a clear boundary between your property and your neighbors. If a fence isn’t enough, a retaining wall may be perfect.

For example, if your neighbor has encroached in your yard or if people are climbing over your fence to pass through your yard, a retaining wall may help eliminate these issues. When installed, the retaining wall will serve as a clear and solid property boundary and discourage people from trespassing.