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The Importance of Wooden Floor Sanding

The Importance of Wooden Floor Sanding

Wooden floors add a sense of warmth and elegance to your home or office. Although wood floors are very durable and resilient, regular maintenance is necessary to maintain their beauty and utility. Regular cleaning as per appropriate methods and periodical sanding of the floor will help to keep it in good shape.

Floor repairing

Wooden floor sanding is a process wherein the damaged or the old layer of the peeled off to get the lower layer on the surface. Sanding of floors is essential to maintain its strength and looks. It takes care of the normal wear and tear that has occurred due to regular usage of your floor. Loose or broken wooden planks are repaired. Loose nails are also taken care of.

Floor staining

You might loose its original stain and luster due to things such as shifting of furniture or regular traffic in your home or office, etc. Wooden floor sanding helps you to revive the lost luster of your floor. Even if you want to have a different shade for your floor, you can go in for re-staining. There are many wood colors in the market to choose from. You can select the one that best suits your interiors.

Preservation of your floor

Instead, it contributes a lot in preserving from dirt, water, fungal infections, and mold. The process also includes oiling. The coating of this special oil makes your floor waterproof and dust free. It does not allow the water or dirt to seep into your floor. This in turn takes care of development of mildew or any other wood infection. This protective coating shields your floor and increases its life expectancy.