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The Better Choice – Wood Or Carpet?

The Better Choice – Wood Or Carpet?

People often find themselves in a quandary when thinking about the right types of flooring for their homes, hotels or offices. Should they choose wood or carpet?

The general consensus by homemakers, designers and experts alike is most definitely wood flooring every time.

One of the main reasons for this line of thinking would of course be the unhygienic nature of carpet floors. Especially with the tendencies of gathering dust, dirt, mold and mites. Wood does not retain any of these, which makes it much more preferable as far as hygiene goes. This will be a huge consideration, especially for families with young children or elderly that suffer from allergies, which is becoming a much more common factor in life nowadays. Most certainly shifting the modern day mindset when it comes to choosing the best for their homes, with wood being the better choice rather than carpet.

Wood flooring is also more environmentally friendly than carpet, wood flooring comes from trees that are planted and replanted again and again. Whereas carpet tends to end up in landfills, which take years and years and sometimes never to disintegrate into the ground.

Carpet also wears out much quicker and would need to be changed on a regular basis at least every five years or so, as opposed to a wood floor which will last twenty five to fifty years, and can even last through many generations if it is taken care of properly. It can be sanded and re polished back to its original beauty with very little cost, unlike replacing all your carpets.

The wood floor is very strong and hard wearing making it ideal for use in homes for health reasons, hotels and offices for the sheer volume of people that will walk on the flooring, which of course minimizes the wear and tear. This will be a major factor for most hotels, companies and normal households when it comes to the best value for the money spent. Although the initial cost of buying and installing the wood flooring is an expensive choice, and will be higher than carpet, in the long run it is a much cheaper alternative and more than neutralized. Making it a natural choice in the trade off between wood and carpet.

Wood flooring has a wide variety of usage in that it makes better flooring than carpet for say a room where the moisture content is higher i.e. basement or bathroom. As you know if water damage gets into your carpets, they become waterlogged, smelly and heavy, and will more than likely need to be replaced or very costly when you have to have them cleaned professionally, whereas wood treated properly that gets wet will be absolutely fine with no damage occurring at all.

Wood flooring will increase the value of your property, and is much more popular in comparison to carpet. It gives your home a warm feeling, where the choice of different colors, types, sizes is innumerable, with something for everyone’s tastes.