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The Advantages of Steel Buildings in Idaho

Steel buildings sometimes get a bad rap. They may be perceived as too “pre-fab” or cheap, or too industrial for business buildings. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are many good reasons to build with steel in Idaho.

Steel Buildings Are Energy Efficient

Whether you’re looking at steel buildings Coeur d’Alene, Boise, or Idaho Falls, you’ll appreciate the increased energy savings. With insulated wall and roof panels, steel buildings can reach R-values as high as R-42. This reduces the load demanded from your HVAC system and gives energy savings payback for years to come. You can choose from different designs, such as insulated metal panels (IMPs) or standing seam roof systems, to find the application that gives your building the best results.

Steel Buildings Have Curb Appeal

When you think “steel building,” if the Quonset hut comes to mind, you are about 70 years behind the times. Today’s steel buildings are available with custom colors, embossing, and textured finishes. This means companies can turn the entire building into a brand advertisement. Get horizontal panels, factory-formed corners, concealed fasteners, and countless other design options to turn your building into a true one-of-a-kind statement.

Steel Buildings Have Quick Construction Times

If you know what you want, steel can deliver it faster. Metal buildings can go up in all kinds of adverse weather that would slow down or halt masonry or wood structures, a big deal in Idaho. Textured finishes can be applied in the factory instead of onsite. This has the double advantage of creating a one-step installation process and allowing construction to occur during all seasons.

This is another money saver, as a shorter construction schedule is less costly. Also, the sooner you get into your building, the sooner you begin generating revenue. Consider steel for your next building.