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Keeping Your Wood Floors Looking Beautiful All Year Round

Keeping Your Wood Floors Looking Beautiful All Year Round

If you have hardwood floors in your home, you know that they are a beautiful investment. Not only do they cut down on allergens in the home, they make clean-ups easier, look absolutely stunning, and if they’re well maintained – they can last a lifetime. It’s important to pay attention to your wood floors when they need it, and by doing some routine cleanings and maintenance – you should never have too big of a work load on your hands when it comes around to caring for them. By taking these cleaning and maintenance tips into consideration, you’ll be able to get the most out of the wooden floors in your home:

o If you don’t already have them, place protective pads beneath the legs of all of the furniture that will come in contact with the wood floor. This will prevent any scratches that may occur down the line due to furniture legs sliding across the surface of the floor. Even though they may not look sharp or harmful to the floor, continued rubbing against the surface without padding can cause seriously damage.

o If you have wood floors in the entry way to your home, it’s a good idea to place mats for friends and family to kick off their shoes before setting foot onto the floor. Although tiny dirt and dust particles may seem unimportant, over time, they can begin to scratch the wood and leave unsightly marks. Doing all you can to prevent these particles from making their way across the floor will save you time in the future when it comes time to clean.

o To prevent any dirt and dust from causing damage to your floor, be sure to sweep the floor regularly to rid the surface of any particles that may have snuck on. Investing in a quality broom will also be something you’ll benefit from in the future. By ensuring your broom is of good quality, you can be sure that it won’t scratch or harm the surface of your wooden floor. Choosing a broom with softer bristles is also a good idea.

o It’s important never to use a large amount of water when cleaning you wooden floor, so mopping should be out of the question. Naturally, wood will expand whenever it gets wet – so mopping puts your floor at risk for cracks and splinters (which can be especially dangerous if you have little ones who like to run barefoot).

o Invest in a hardwood floor cleaner. Applying this cleaner is simple: just spray it on a rag and lightly rub it onto any problem areas. Remember that too much exposure to moisture of any kind can be harmful to the floor, so spot treatments like this often work best.

o By having a dry, terrycloth mop around – you can easily buff up hardwood floors and do routine sweepings without worrying about damaging your floor’s finish. It’s also a safe alternative if you’re still worried about a broom scratching the surface of your floor.

o Finally, you may not think of it – but your family pet can also cause damage to the surface of you wood floor. Be sure to keep your pet’s nails trimmed and filed down, and this should cut down on the wear and tear that Fido can cause to the floor.

By keeping up with these simple tips and taking extra care when it comes to looking after your beautiful wooden floor, you’ll be sure to get the most out of this investment piece. Wooden floors add beauty, class, and style to your home – but without the proper care, their impression can be slighted. By routinely caring for your surface, you’ll be adding years of beauty and value to your home.