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Childrens Fashion Clothes and Kids Designer Brands

Childrens Fashion Clothes and Kids Designer Brands

A childs wardrobe will inevitabely have the usual mix of play clothes and some smart clothes, the latter used for special occasions like parties and Christenings or Weddings. Looking good is an important thing in many peoples lives, and this is passed on to their children (as they choose the wardrobe for the kids).

So which designer labels are popular when it comes to childrens fashion? Some of the best known labels for adults have a separate collection for under 16’s, and these include the likes Diesel and Raulph Lauren. Infact they offer a full range of Summer and Winter wear, with tops and trousers plus boots and head gear.

The brands who specialise in just kids are growing in popularity and notoriety, and are widely available on the Internet and in selected high street chains. One well known French brand is ‘Weekend a la Mer’, and they offer a small but stylish and sophisticated choice of children’s clothing. Being a French brand they obviously offer both warmer options for the Winter through to Spring months, and also a selection for the Summer days by the beach.

How much you want to pay for designer labelled garments is completely up to you. The Weekend a la Mer collection starts at around the 15 mark for a cotton top or leggings, and goes up to past 50 for the thicker coats for Autumn onwards. Considering the quality of this manufacturer they hardly come as any sort of surprise, and blend good value with trandy looks that are affordable.

There are currently upwards of 15 kids designer brands, which offer a dedicated line just for the child age group. If there are no major shopping centres near to where you live the majority of these will be available through trusted websites which have a dedicated account with the brands in question. Then it’s easy to go and fill up your young ones mini wardrobe.