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Ipe Wooden Flooring – Information

Ipe Wooden Flooring – Information

Ipe wooden flooring is very famous because of its strength and durability. Such kind of wooden floors are widely utilized in areas which experience heavy traffic as these floors avoid scratches and scuffs etc. Ipe wood is mainly grown in the country of Brazil. The color of this kind of wood is black and olive brown and has got a very low shine. Moreover it has got a greasy look as well. Ipe is one of the most famous and steady wood present on the planet earth today. There are a number of advantages of Ipe wooden flooring.

This kind of wood is the strongest and toughest type available for the consumers and because of this reason; it is not at all easy to work with the wood. It is not only utilized for floors but also heavily utilized in industries. The reason behind that is the Ipe wood is shock resistant.

Ipe is not at all easy to finish. So it is a better option for you to purchase a factory finished Ipe wooden floor for your house instead of trying to finish it yourself. In case you have purchased an unfinished wooden floor then let the expert do the finishing job as it is quite hard job to perform.

If you are looking to finish the Ipe wooden floor, the first thing that is needed to be done is sanding. The Ipe wood floors need to be covered with polyurethane, just as all the other types of wooden floors are covered with polyurethane. Anyways, the main task is sanding. During the sanding process of this wood, allergic reactions take place. So you are supposed to secure yourself from dust and dirt when you are sanding the wooden surface. The best solution is to buy factory finished flooring so that you do not have to sand the floor.

One thing that you must know about the usage of the Ipe wooden floors is that it should not be utilized in dry climates. If you do that then the wooden surface might even crack. Ipe wooden flooring has got few disadvantages, however it has got many benefits that attract the customers. That is the reason why it is widely used by the consumers. Ipe wooden floors are among the hardest and strongest flooring available in the market for the people and hence it is the best for homes with big families.