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How To Choose an Exterior Door

Whether you are upgrading your building entrance or designing a new one, choosing the right door can be crucial to your space’s form and function. You will need to decide on a design and building materials as well as the type and installation of the system. Learning about how each of these factors contributes to your entranceway can make the decision easier.

Design and Materials

Factors such as visibility, durability and aesthetics will impact your choices for design and materials. For instance, if you want the durability of stainless steel doors New York options and the visibility offered by tempered glass, then you will want to look at some designs with glass panels in stainless steel frames to find one in your aesthetic. Common materials include stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, wood and glass, or a combination of multiple materials.

Type and Installation

Some types of doors you can choose include sliding, folding or balanced styles. You can also find swinging or revolving entrance doors to fit several architectural and aesthetic designs and install an automated opening system. Since these designs, and the scale of many business entrances, requires professional installation, choosing a door company offering both custom designs and bundled installation can save you time and money. These companies also often provide repair and replacement services, so you know who to call for future needs.

You can choose many door features to fit your aesthetics and the design of your entryway, including the materials used and how the door opens. Most door companies and architects will take weather protections and security concerns into considerations when designing each of these types of doors. They can guide you through the choices to find the right one for building specifications and answer any questions you have about how each one will function and look.