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AC Not Working? Consider These Folks

The Dreaded Groan

It’s hot outside. However, it seems as though it’s even hotter in your house. How can that be? You have air conditioning. It should be a nice and cool temperature. Instead, you find yourself sweating more indoors than outdoors. After inspecting your thermostat, you may come to the realization that the AC unit isn’t making an odd noise. This is a noise that you have come to dread. The air conditioning is broken. Before you start to consider staying in a comfortable hotel for a few days, you may want to Chrismon a call. They specialize in repair of HVAC Greensboro NC and come with quite a few features that many other HVAC repair companies lack.

The Benefits

What makes them stand out from the rest? For one, they actually offer a unique membership. This is especially useful for businesses who want to ensure that their AC unit is running at peak performance throughout the year. Because a faulty HVAC unit can lead to higher energy bills, both commercial and residential clients would be wise to have someone ready to respond in the case of an emergency. More than that, it’s better to have someone perform regular maintenance, so your HVAC unit is always working at peak order.

The Priority Club Program at Chrismon provides just that for its members. Not only do they offer one free trip charge per year, but they also offer a 20% discount off of a total repair job–and not just the parts. In addition, they also provide a free annual dryer duct inspection. Because dryer ducts are often the leading cause of house fires, this annual inspection could potentially save your life and your house. Finally, the Priority Club Program offers 24/7 service every single day of the year. So, if you have an emergency, you can be sure that the experienced team at Chrismon will come to your aid.

For those who are serious about HVAC, consider Chrismon.