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4 Ways To Improve Home Security

Your home should be your castle, but if you live in fear of trespass and burglary, it can feel more like a prison. There are many ways to protect your family and give yourself peace of mind by improving home security. With so much at stake, investing in a high-tech security system could pay off significantly. However, there are also plenty of simple, low-cost methods to protect your home from intrusion.

1. Security Cameras

The mere appearance of security cameras Brighton CO is sometimes enough to deter potential intruders. For this reason, some people save money by putting up dummy cameras that aren’t actually hooked up to anything. However, if you can afford the extra cost, it may be worthwhile to install real cameras. If someone does break into your home despite your best efforts, the recorded footage may be useful in finding and prosecuting the culprit.

2. Lighting

Lighting can be an extremely powerful defensive weapon against home intrusion. Burglars prefer to operate under cover of darkness to avoid detection. Motion-activated outdoor lighting serves as a deterrent without wasting energy. Indoor lighting hooked up to timers to go on automatically can create the illusion that someone is home even when the house is empty.

3. Regular Pruning

Overgrown bushes by doors and windows can obscure your view of the outside. This can allow a burglar to approach undetected and provide cover during the break-in. These should be pruned back regularly to improve your visibility. You may also consider replacing existing shrubbery with specimens bearing thorns or sharp sticks.

4. Deadbolts

Whenever possible, exterior doors should have deadbolt locks as these are much harder to compromise. Look for locks that have received high-grade certification for security. These are among the strongest and most resistant.

Remember that neither high-tech nor low-tech security measures can protect you if you don’t use them correctly. Be sure your security cameras are recording, your doors are locked, etc., whenever you leave the house.