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Ways to Improve Machinery Longevity

As technology continues to change the game in industrial efforts, many plants are able to retrofit older pieces of machinery rather than spend their budget on replacing items. For this choice to be successful, extra attention needs to be given to scheduled maintenance. Here are several ways to improve the longevity of your machinery.

Schedule Regular Lubricant Replacements

Most types of heavy machinery and equipment require lubricants for better performance. Purchase your quantities in advance from industrial lubricant Richmond VA companies to avoid downtime and maintain a proactive replacement schedule. Lubrications decrease the wear and tear on your machinery and prevents soot buildup.

Thoroughly Clean Equipment

How well you clean your machines is just as important as keeping up with lubricant levels. Dirt, soot, and dust can clog the cooling fans, the vents, the seals, and the filters, reducing performance and output. Cleaning each area of the machine carefully reduces this kind of damage. Air hoses are one way to thoroughly blow out parts of the equipment.

Continually Look for Wear and Tear

Teach your employees to be on the lookout for wear and tear. Don’t leave it until the scheduled maintenance. Things can crack, warp, or deteriorate over time, and things like poor operating habits, weather, and accidents can make these things happen more quickly. Check the electrical components in addition to the mechanical components. Look for dust buildup or water puddles near the machinery.

Maintain Factory Settings

You can wear out your equipment much sooner than normal by failing to maintain performance specifications set by the manufacturer. Load capacity, temperature, and operating pressure are important and need to be regulated according to the operator’s manual. Exceeding these standards reduced longevity and increases wear and tear.

These four tips need to be a part of your equipment maintenance plan. The better care you take with your machinery, the longer it will last.