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Move-Out Cleaning You Should Consider

Moving is rarely considered fun. However, moving into a permanent home can be exciting. Unfortunately, you typically have a few things you need to do during your move so that you can get your rental deposits back or get the best price on your home sale. These are a few cleaning projects you should complete as you move out.

Work on Your Walls

Before you can begin your cleaning, you need to fix your walls. For example, when you remove your décor from the walls, fill or patch all the holes in your drywall. Then, you should consider repainting, but choose neutral colors.

Start Cleaning

Although you can do some of this cleaning yourself, you may find it more convenient and easier to hire move out cleaning services Portage MI. These are services these companies offer to help you complete your move. First, all the doors, windows, and mirrors should be wiped down. Then, all your cabinets and cupboards need to be cleaned inside and out. Your ceiling fans should also be dusted and wiped down. Your baseboards and trim should also be wiped down to remove all dust and stains.

You also need to have your bathrooms and kitchen deep cleaned. This means removing stains and residues from your tubs, showers, sinks and toilets. The grout and silicone should also be deep cleaned. Your appliances also need a deep cleaning. They should gleam as if they are brand new.

Finally, your floors need to be swept and mopped or vacuumed. If you have stained carpet, you may also consider having your carpet shampooed or steamed.

Debris Removal

Every bit of trash should be removed from your house or apartment before you move out. In addition, you need to remove any food products from your refrigerator and cabinets. Don’t forget to take all your sundries, such as your soap, shampoo and cleaning products, out of the house. Some debris you will remove before you begin cleaning, while other debris will be taken out at the end of your cleaning process.

Move-out cleaning takes time and a lot of effort. Therefore, you may consider working with a company that specializes in this type of cleaning.