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Easy HVAC Maintenance Tips

There are several large cost items associated with homeownership, and your heating and air (HVAC) unit is one of them. Rather than leaving repairs and replacement up to chance, you can proactively reduce the risk of breakdown if you follow some simple maintenance tips.

The Maintenance Schedule

When it comes to keeping your unit in the best shape, you should have it serviced twice a year. A spring service tune-up is a good idea, as the pre-season maintenance can identify potential issues. It is also suggested you have fall maintenance routinely scheduled so you don’t deal with a breakdown in the middle of winter. Unfortunately, winter breakdowns can keep heat exchanger repair Signal Hill CA companies very busy. Trying to get your unit repaired quickly may not be possible, so preventative maintenance is strongly recommended.

The Maintenance Tasks

It is estimated that your heating and cooling system is responsible for two-thirds of the energy use in your home. If you neglect your HVAC unit, you may have decreased efficiency and performance. Here are some things to do to keep your system in it’s best shape.

  1. Conduct monthly inspections of filters, cleaning or changing them as needed. A dirty filter can damage your equipment and increase energy costs.
  2. Keep the area around your HVAC system free from debris. Trim any plants or scrubs near the unit to allow proper circulation and airflow around the condensing unit.
  3. One or twice a year, have the condenser coils and evaporators cleaned. You should also clean vents and registers at this time to help keep the air circulating as well as possible.
  4. Install a programmable thermostat to keep the temperature stable. This can avoid excessive periods of demand or continual running.

Inefficiency in your HVAC system can increase your energy consumption by 30%, leading to higher electricity bills. Schedule proper maintenance to keep your unit in good condition.