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4 Creative Housing Options

People love to express themselves through their clothing, cars and home décor choices, so going a step further and using the architecture of their house is logical. If having a house that shows off the creative individuality of the owner is a priority, then consider some of the choices below.

1. Tiny House

There is a growing movement that supports lowering the amount of space humans take up. Advocates for tiny houses love finding creative ways to arrange everything they need to live in a small area. There are not many of them compared to traditional homes, so if one is desired it is probably easier to contact a construction company Newark OH and have one built as opposed to waiting for one to come up for sale.

2. Bermed House

Many people have at least heard about hobbits and their unique homes. A bermed house has one or more walls covered with earth. They can be elevated or partially sunk into the ground. The earth insulates the dwelling and helps keep the temperature consistent all year, allowing for reduced heating and cooling costs.

3. Underground Bunker

A more extreme version of an underground house is a bunker. Doomsday preppers have popularized the notion of having an underground bunker as a home. They can be utilitarian or luxurious, depending on the owner. Some of them have swimming pools, home theaters and home gyms.

4. Treehouse

Treehouses are no longer just for children. There are charming treehouses that can house entire families high above the ground. They can have utilities run and internet access to function just like a normal house. Installation is different than traditional structures, so it is probably best to consult an expert before building anything.

Even if a traditional house is chosen, it is ok to incorporate some of the ideas and designs from other structures to make it unique. Be creative and talk to a professional to get an idea of what can be done.