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How to Keep Your Wood Floor Looking Its Best

How to Keep Your Wood Floor Looking Its Best

You may be the proud owner of a new wooden flooring or it has been installed a long time ago, either way there are measures you must take in order to keep it looking as good as the day it was installed.

Your wooden flooring is a natural material, so you must use products that penetrate the wood and maintain its natural properties.

You can enhance the wood by allowing it to breathe, and using the right products that will get the best out of your wooden floor and make it last longer.

The first thing you should do is follow the manufacturer’s advice or instructions, if you had help to install your flooring, you may have already been given some advice on how best to maintain the wood.

You should also keep as much dust and dirt out of the wooden floor by sweeping it daily. The longer that you leave the sweeping, the more likely it is that the dirt will become stuck in the flooring and will be harder the remove.

Damp mopping is also important in the maintenance of your wooden floor; it is also the most effective way to remove spills quickly and efficiently. Damp mopping is also effective for large and small areas, and gets rid of stains that accumulate on the floor.

If you have already been recommended a cleaning solution by the manufacturer, it is strongly advised that you follow their guidelines, as they will have researched the best solution for your floor. You should always choose a cleaning solution that is pH neutral, as acidic cleaners can strip any varnish or oils from your floor board.

There are also measures that are only occasional. You may choose to re-varnish your floor or choose a wax cleaner for intensive cleaning. Either of these options will bring your wooden flooring back to life and enhance your wood floor.

These intensive cleaners are also good for particularly bad or stubborn stains, and only require a small amount applied to the floor board.

Another option is to seek a professional cleaner for your floor. Wooden floor boards can be cleaned and polished with a single disc machine that will apply a thin layer of an oil based finish to your floor.

You can also take extra measures to protect your floor board from extra scratches and damages. If you have furniture on top of your floor that is a potential scratch hazard, there are many products on the market such as soft pads that you can secure to the bottom of your furniture to prevent any damage.

You may also choose to cover an area of the floor that is subjected to more wear and tear, such as by a door, this can easily be covered by a mat, and provides more protection to the floor from shoes.

Looking after your floor does not have to be costly and maintaining you floor board correctly will mean that it will last you for many years to come.…

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3 Easy Ways To Spruce up a Dingy Bathroom

Whether you have purchased a new home with a bathroom that leaves much to be desired or you simply want to enhance your current home, there are myriad ways to give it a quick facelift. Here are some simple things you can do to spruce your dingy bathroom up.

Add Some Fun Tile

Add some colorful tile to your tub or shower to instantly give your bathroom a new look. Visit your local tile store Honolulu HI for some inspiration if you feel stumped or simply to see what is available. If your budget isn’t large, don’t be discouraged. Consider adding a single strip of colorful tile to your shower walls or the area surrounding your tub, for starters. 

Get New Linens

It may seem silly, but sometimes all it takes to give a room a whole new vibe is to change the color scheme by getting new, colorful towels, washcloths, and valances (if you have windows). Avoid whites or light neutrals and choose a pop color that makes your bathroom seem more fun and modern. You’ll be shocked by just how much of a difference adding some color can make.

Add Functional Storage

If you are the type of person who has a bathroom full of makeup, toiletries, and other various odds and ends, you’ll need somewhere to store them instead of keeping everything out on your vanity (many of us are guilty of this). Find some interesting storage solutions, such as a small, unique chest of drawers from your local antique shop or a wall-mountable vanity to save space and keep everything organized.

Making an old, outdated bathroom look and feel like new can be easy. Follow some of these quick tips, and you’ll have your own little relaxing sanctuary that you can enjoy for years to come.…

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The Most Important Details You Should Look for in Wooden Floor Vases

The Most Important Details You Should Look for in Wooden Floor Vases

Before you go out to buy wooden floor vases, you have to know some important factors that can help you choose a good one. The first thing to think about is how you intend to use the wooden vase. If they are mainly to be used for flower arrangements, get vases that are not too ornate. Placed on the floor, people will only see their lower portions most of the time and artistic detail will be lost underneath the profusion of stems and branches. Then you need to think if you plan to place wet flower ensembles in them. To do so you have to take additional measures to protect them. Then think about the right design (shape, size and embellishments) for your purposes. Lastly, you have to take steps to keep them in good shape.

Are they to be used alone or with floral ensembles

Getting an ornately designed wooden floor vase will require you to place them on stand or risers when filled with plants. That is because their details will not be evident otherwise. So if your floor vase is really meant to be a flower vase, you do not have to spend money purchasing an elaborately made one. Of course, if you plan to fill them with plants half of the time and use them by themselves as d?�cor half of the time, getting an elaborate one will be justified.

Using them for wet ensembles

To prevent the water from fresh arrangements from seeping through, be sure they will hold large enough water-proofed auxiliary vases inside. And even I they can retain liquids, protecting them with an internal vase is necessary to keep the insides of the vase from rotting.

The implications of their shape

Wooden vases with slim necks and narrow mouths will require you to use tube vases to allow putting in one or two fresh flower stems in them. But if the body of the vase itself is wide, the one or two stems you are using may appear slightly comical. So, unless the body itself is also narrow, you should use the vase only for display. Along this line, see to it that the body is well enough decorated to justify doing that.

Think about whether you need florid designs

For purely decorative pieces you can get those which are done in metallic glaze. There are also wooden floor vases that are inlaid with wood slices. Alternatively, two types of wood with contrasting grains may be used for them. One notable design you should avoid is the rotted look. The reason behind this is that this type of vase is usually made of actual spore-infest wood (a texture some people like) and can be health risks at home.

Keeping the wooden vase in good condition

As already noted, always use internal vases with wooden vases for wet floral arrangements. Water not only encourages rotting but also certain types of termites. If your area has colonies of termites, wooden vases are not a good choice.

For making good decisions about wooden floor vases know the functionality they are capable of. In this regard their shape is an important consideration. Elaborate design is unnecessary for floor vases made for flower arrangements. If you are after textured wood, avoid spore-infested ones.…

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Why Hardwood Floors?

Why Hardwood Floors?

No matter if you live in an apartment, condo, house or hotel chances are you need some sort of floor system. When looking for a floor there are many kinds of materials to choose from. There is the classic tile floor option made popular by the Greeks and Romans, there is the carpet option for those who desire the softer things in life and finally there is the traditional hardwood floor. Wood floors have been used for thousands of years in almost every pocket and corner of the world. It seems wherever trees were growing people were chopping them down to make floors. This has continued for years and years despite the amazing technological advances that have been made and the reason is simply wood floors look nice and work great. These days more and more people are choosing hardwood floors for their homes, business establishments, schools and offices.

There are a great deal of advantages to installing a floor. The first is that they are by far one of the most classy and stylish flooring options available for any room. Aside from the eye pleasing features of almost every make of wood floors you may be surprised to know that there are a few health advantages as well. First of all unlike carpet wood is not generally a good breeding place for dust mites, mould and animal dander. With a hardwood floor you are protecting against all of these nasty elements. Second, hardwood floors can be cleaned very easily with a quick sweep, mop, or vacuum. Carpet on the other hand requires constant vacuuming and can never really be 100% clean without the aid of expensive industrial carpet cleaning machines. Hardwood floors are also free of airborne particles and pollens that can get trapped in carpet which means they are great for asthmatic and allergic people. On top of all this if you ever spill anything on a hardwood floor it can easily be cleaned up while stains on carpets can be permanent fixtures and additions to your home.

Now that we have looked at how they are healthy choices lets get back to how good wood floors look when installed in a home or office. There is no beating the sophistication and durability of a well constructed floor. The natural colours of wood and the strength of the material make them an excellent choice for any home, business or office. By adding a rug or small carpet on top of a hard wood floor you can create a stylish environment that matches the pages of a home design magazine. There is simply no comparing the eye pleasing design of well placed floor, it beats out carpet every time…

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Interceramic Wood Grain Tile – The Alternative to a Wooden Floor

Interceramic Wood Grain Tile – The Alternative to a Wooden Floor

There is nothing like decorating your house with wood. However, the looks of wood are not easy to acquire. You would remember an old villa or a farmhouse that you might have visited some time that would have helped you get a clear picture of how the presence of wood, especially in the flooring helps you create one of the finest interior decors available.

You might want to get wooden flooring installed in your house and when you consider the idea, you find that there are many obstacles that are there in the way of getting the wood flooring that you want to have. One of the first concerns would be the time that it would take to have the flooring of wood installed.

The procedure involves the old flooring to be removed and then the wood blocks or planks installed. Usually there are about two or three finishes that are required to get the wooden flooring in place. Therefore there is ample time that goes into the construction. Given our hectic schedules in a modern city life, it is hard to invest this amount of time.

The second hurdle presents itself in the form of costs involved in creating a floor made of wood. The estimates are way higher than the ordinary cement flooring and the cost of maintenance adds on to it. Besides, the wood floor requires regular and specialized up keep and maintenance. This is another factor that presents itself as an issue because the time and the financial investment involved here is great as well.

Therefore, is there a way that the floor can be given a look that makes it seem like it is made of wood? If so, whether the maintenance of this floor inside the house is easy or not? When we introduce you to the Interceramic Woodland Tiles, both the issues addressed above with regards to the installation of wood inside the house are addressed. These tiles have been especially designed to bear the looks of wood and are available in cherry, chestnut, maple, oak and Sherwood colors. These tiles have been designed especially for their use on the floor and the walls. They are available in the size of twenty inches by six inches and therefore are considered to be an ideal solution for a floor of any size.…

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How to Use a Steam Mop and Do an Excellent Job

How to Use a Steam Mop and Do an Excellent Job

There are many types of steam mop out there in the market today. They mostly do a good job when you use them, but because you are pushing them, you cannot help it but make a mess with your feet as you are going back and forth mopping your wooden floor or ceramic floor.

To prevent the floor from having foot prints on it even though you just finished steam cleaning it and shining it, there is a strategy you can use to make sure that your floor is spotless. It will involve the following tools:-

•Floor Brush or Vacuum Cleaner

•A Steam Mop

•A pair of socks

•Wood Polish and cleaning pad

•Keep Traffic Away

Floor Brush or Vacuum Cleaner

Before you steam clean your floor the first step is to make sure that it is spotless. Use a floor brush or vacuum cleaner to sweep the floor clean. Move furniture around and get to all the dust and dirt in all areas of your home or the room you are cleaning

A pair of socks And Steam Mop

If you already own a pair of socks, put it on before you fire up your steam mop. There are many different types of steam mops but basically they all mostly use the same liquid, water. Always use clean water with your steam mop and then start cleaning from the area closest to the wall and move back towards the center of the room. As you start to cover all the room, you will notice that you will have to walk over the areas you have already cleaned up. Thanks to the socks you are wearing, your feet will not leave any marks on the wood floor.

Wood Polish and cleaning pad

Once you are done with steam mopping, the next step is to polish and shine your floor. Again still having your socks on your feet, polish the floor until you are satisfied.

Keep Traffic Away

Now your floor is clean and shiny and without foot prints. The secret to keeping your floor free of foot prints is to keep traffic away from your floor for at least 2 hours after cleaning. Clean the floor at the time of the day when the kids are in school or at night when everybody has gone to bed. The wood floor will be nice and dry before traffic hits it.…

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Artificial Grass Vs Natural Grass

Artificial Grass Vs Natural Grass

Maintenance of natural grass needs regular use of fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides. It may cause injury to children, pets and animals in the neighborhood. These products migrate into the soil, groundwater and at last merge with lakes, or oceans.


The dry climate makes natural grass very difficult to maintain. Property management companies spend large amounts on water, fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, and mowing to keep the natural grass in good condition. Synthetic grass does not require any of these items.


It is not easy to maintain natural grass. They can cause damage to children, and pets. These have a long term effect on the plants, animals, and air. Artificial turf does not require fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides for maintenance. It does not cause any damage to children, and pets. They provide a safe, healthy environment for families and the public.


Natural grass sports field are not perfectly flat. These can develop dips, mounds, bumps, holes as these are used regularly, which can cause twisted ankles or other injuries.


Synthetic turf comes in different lengths, colors and is manufactured to exactly give the same look and feel of Bermuda, bluegrass, centipede. Synthetic turf is soft to touch and does not cause any injuries to children.


It is much cheaper than synthetic grass. But in long term, the synthetic grass has lower cost when compared to natural grass. It requires grass seed, watering the grass, fertilizers, lawn feed, pesticides and the labor and time for mow, trim, fill. It requires lot of maintenance. Synthetic turf does not have such a long process. It can pay for itself within a few years. It does not require that much maintenance.

Artificial turf can replace natural grass very easily and at almost every place. Artificial turf is now more preferably used in sports ground because it does not spoil due to rough play and it does not has to be maintained again and does not has to worry about mowing, seeding, fertilizing or trimming synthetic turf and that’s what makes it the first choice for homeowner’s. It looks elegant and stays the same all year long.

Synthetic turf can be easily purchased online and offline. There are several companies that focus on manufacturing synthetic turf. One can browse for them online and can place his orders instantly. Higher end and premium quality synthetic turfs are available at a comparatively higher cost than the normal turfs. One may also ask for warranty from the buyer over the synthetic turf he purchases. You can find a wide variety of artificial grass at evergreenturf INC, an Indian supplier of artificial grass.