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A Profitable Carpet Cleaning Business – Your Key to Long-Term Business Success

A Profitable Carpet Cleaning Business – Your Key to Long-Term Business Success

If you have been concerned about your financial situation and are thinking about making some changes in your life, let me give you a little bit of information about the carpet and rug cleaning business you may not have known. The industry has been one of the most stable business models since it began.

The average carpet and rug cleaning operation has a lifespan of 12.7 years. That’s longer than the average US employee’s longevity within a company. The reason why this industry is rock solid is because of the built in need and desire for proper home and business maintenance.

The average small business closes up shop within five years. This is not the case with the carpet cleaning business. Many are handed down from one generation to the next. If this is your first time in business, start out the right way by getting proper training in your field. Although you can start the business on a shoestring, you will need the valuable experience of veterans of the industry who can show you the ropes and even more important, how to avoid the pitfalls and traps that are unique to the profession.

A carpet and rug cleaning home business is an excellent entry level opportunity because the market is stable with a relatively low entry fee. The proof of that are the franchise opportunities surrounding this business model. There are established franchises for this industry because they have invested in a winning formula.

You don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars or more for a franchise to make a great living in the carpet cleaning business. To be successful in this business model, you need three essential components:

A good business plan – this is where you learn about the proper management of your service business. This is not a one-time thing. You don’t water a plant once and expect it to grow into a tree. Successful carpet cleaning business owners continue to grow and learn.

An above average service program -get your customers coming back for more and offer clear guidelines for working with them. When you start hiring more people, these established policies will keep everyone happy.

A good marketing plan – the business will live or die on this one thing. If you get this right, your family will have lots of happy holidays for the foreseeable future. You will have exactly what the customers want and they will tell their friends once you practice effective marketing strategies.

When looking at starting a business, you want to be able to assess the return on investment, the relative cost of starting an operation and your chances of success in the marketplace. Carpet cleaning passes the test.