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3 Tips to Starting Your Basement Remodel

Are you planning a basement update? Before you begin your renovation, make sure that your space is ready to match your plans. This includes improving the floor, avoiding mold and updating your lighting.

Check Your Flooring

Before you begin any basement renovation, you need to check that your flooring is ready for whatever you plan to install. This includes checking for any damage and consider installing waterproof flooring Royal Oak MI. As you do your inspection, look out for spots where the floor has buckled or cupped. These are signs of water or moisture damage that you will want to fix right away. Getting your groundwork done will help you ensure that your new basement is useable once you finish construction.

Avoid Mold

Basements are prone to mold problems due to their location in your house. However, mold can be toxic and serve as an indicator of bigger issues, such as water damage, that need resolving. Take the time to do a thorough inspection of your basement, looking for signs of mold. Sometimes mold is obvious, but you need to be wary of spots where it may be less apparent. If you find mold, be sure to identify the type to help avoid future growth.

Improve Your Lighting

Finally, as you move forward with your renovation, look for how you can improve the lighting. You want to create an inviting space, and where you place the lighting will make a big difference to the room. There are a variety of ideas for lighting you can use to help with your design. Before you settle on a plan, consider how you will use the room and where lighting will be the most important. You can then use this as you create your perfect basement space.

Whatever design you choose, be proactive to ensure your basement is the best room in the house.