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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Just Toss Out Your Fridge

It can be tempting to just put your fridge out with the garbage or just dump it into a pile somewhere. However, you should consider the amount of environmental damage that can be done when you just toss out a fridge instead of taking it to be recycled. Reasons that you should consider recycling your refridgerator are below.

Your Fridge Has Many Dangerous Chemicals Inside It

Burning fossil fuels isn’t the only thing that can contribute to global warming. A lot of materials that exist inside appliances can be extremely dangerous for the environment as well. Some materials inside fridges can contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. Most fridges also contain a fair amount of oil. Older fridges can also contain the poisonous chemical mercury. If you don’t want these chemicals winding up in the environment, it’s best to hand them over to professionals who can safely dispose of these chemicals.

Your Fridge Takes Up Space In A Landfill

There’s only so much space on planet Earth for things. If landfills have to expand due to there not being a lot of space for the trash inside them, then there will be a lot less room for more important things such as homes and business or even environmentally friendly things such as forests. There are, of course, some things that can only be thrown into landfills, but fridges are not among these items. Leave the landfill to the non-recyclable items and bring your fridge to services of refrigerator recycling sussex county nj.

Hopefully now you will think twice before you decide to just dump your old fridge anywhere that you can or leave it to a landfill. While it may be difficult for you to do so, please try to consider that preventing a large amount of damage to the environment is worth a bit of inconvenience.