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Do Your Bit for the Environment With Timber Flooring

Are you planning to renovate your house and refurbish its floors? This is a good opportunity to do your bit for the environment. You must be surprised by the connection between the two. What can possibly be the connection between decorating your floors and making a positive difference to the environment? The answer lies in timber flooring. This is because in this form of flooring, recycled timbers are used that are sourced from forests thereby encouraging more and more tree growth. We all wish to contribute something to the cause of a greener world but our super busy lives hardly give us a chance to fulfill them. Here, we can easily achieve that just by opting for timber while going for a flooring renovation. There are many individuals who feel that if something is environment-friendly, it cannot be good looking. However, this is completely untrue in this case. Timber looks really classy and colorful so that you can increase the style quotient of your house to a considerable extent.
This is not the only reason why you should go for timber. There are other benefits too that it has to offer. Firstly, it is a cakewalk to clean floors made of timber. While renewing your floors, you have to think of the practical side too. You cannot concentrate on appearance alone. It is true that the look will play an important role in defining the overall appearance of the house. However, that does not mean you should sacrifice on the practical aspect. In fact, it is something that you have to take into account in the initial stages of choosing and selection itself. Timber floors are better equipped to battle dirt and dust. Since they have a soft covering, you can easily eradicate dust mites. This is definitely convenient since now-a-days, nobody has the time to spend hours on cleaning floors and tiles. Moreover, it is not possible to spend a significant part of your savings on flooring frequently. You do want it to be a long-term investment. This can be guaranteed in this flooring type.
If you are an Asthmatic patient, you have one more reason to go for timber flooring. The simple reason is that timber has anti-allergic properties. Owing to this feature, timber is also used by professionals in their workspace such as offices, showrooms etc. The eclectic variety of colors facilitates a more inspiring work environment.
However, if you find this option to be too costly, you can go for regular hardwood flooring. Though it has been there for decades, you have no reason to think that it is outdated. There are certain things that never go out of fashion and it is one of them. When it comes to class and culture, hardwood truly scores. Moreover, if you ever sell your house in the future, you can get a slightly higher price just on account of wooden flooring. The best thing about it is that in spite of offering so many benefits, it is highly economical. All these reasons should prompt you to go for it.…

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The Top 4 Creepiest House Pests

Homeownership is the best, but it’s also a big responsibility. While taking care of your castle, you might come across some eerie things that you weren’t expecting, like rodents or insects. It usually happens when you least expect it. Here are four creepy house pests that you might discover and what to do about them.

Common House Mouse

Some people think mice are cute while others are terrified of them. One thing is for sure–you don’t want them playing house inside of yours spreading disease. Finding mouse droppings is upsetting and means a lot of cleaning. Where there’s one mouse, there are usually more, so it’s important to contact a rodent exterminator Staten Island to assess the situation.


Imagine you’ve just purchased a home and decide to visit the kitchen for your first midnight snack. You turn on the lights and see something run across the counter. Nothing compares to that feeling of disgust. Unfortunately, a cockroach problem isn’t one you can fix by yourself. You’ll definitely require expert help to eradicate the problem swiftly.

Bats in Your Belfry

If you’ve ever had a bat in your house, you know capturing it can be a scream-fest. A bat fluttering around your home is what nightmares are made of. If this happens frequently, there’s a chance you could have a colony living in your home. Bats are illegal to kill, so you’ll need to call on a professional to perform an exclusion.


Attics can be scary places which is why people tend to stay away. Sometimes they putter around the attic and make the horrible discovery of a large hornet’s nest. If you’ve noticed more than the normal amount of errant bees in your house, or discover a nest, don’t touch it and seek the advice of an expert immediately.

Frightening Discoveries

Owning a home can be a wonderland of discoveries, some of which are frightening. The good news is that there are solutions. Seeking prompt, professional help will get you back to enjoying your investment.…