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The Top 4 Creepiest House Pests

Homeownership is the best, but it’s also a big responsibility. While taking care of your castle, you might come across some eerie things that you weren’t expecting, like rodents or insects. It usually happens when you least expect it. Here are four creepy house pests that you might discover and what to do about them.

Common House Mouse

Some people think mice are cute while others are terrified of them. One thing is for sure–you don’t want them playing house inside of yours spreading disease. Finding mouse droppings is upsetting and means a lot of cleaning. Where there’s one mouse, there are usually more, so it’s important to contact a rodent exterminator Staten Island to assess the situation.


Imagine you’ve just purchased a home and decide to visit the kitchen for your first midnight snack. You turn on the lights and see something run across the counter. Nothing compares to that feeling of disgust. Unfortunately, a cockroach problem isn’t one you can fix by yourself. You’ll definitely require expert help to eradicate the problem swiftly.

Bats in Your Belfry

If you’ve ever had a bat in your house, you know capturing it can be a scream-fest. A bat fluttering around your home is what nightmares are made of. If this happens frequently, there’s a chance you could have a colony living in your home. Bats are illegal to kill, so you’ll need to call on a professional to perform an exclusion.


Attics can be scary places which is why people tend to stay away. Sometimes they putter around the attic and make the horrible discovery of a large hornet’s nest. If you’ve noticed more than the normal amount of errant bees in your house, or discover a nest, don’t touch it and seek the advice of an expert immediately.

Frightening Discoveries

Owning a home can be a wonderland of discoveries, some of which are frightening. The good news is that there are solutions. Seeking prompt, professional help will get you back to enjoying your investment.