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When to Call a Professional

If you’re renovating, you know how expensive a remodel can cost. It’s nice to save money, but be safe. There are some things best left to professionals.

Big Appliances

When it comes to things like ovens, furnaces and hot water heaters, you should proceed with caution. These sorts of appliances are finicky, with very specific wiring and heating elements. Unless you work in an industry that professionally installs these items, leave them alone.

  • Anything that involves tapping into the gas line should not be attempted at home. This includes ovens and stoves. Call a professional or if you live in the area, check out oven installation Gaithersburg MD.
  • Your HVAC system is a complex operation of wires, pipes and electricity. There’s a reason that a license is required to work on these; they’re intricate! If you have an HVAC problem, call a specialist.
  • Electrical issues like installing light fixtures can be easy enough to DIY, but for more serious problems, do not try fixing them on your own. You are running the risk of serious injury, death and a potential fire.

Drywall and Sheetrock

You want that new wall put in the living room to add a guest room, so why not take it on yourself? You’ve watched the YouTube videos! Well, the truth is that it is more difficult than it looks, and can quickly become a hot mess.

  • A steady, experienced hand makes all the difference in the world. Unless you are confident in your ability to make straight lines, hire someone to do them for you.
  • Drywall slabs can be heavy, unwieldy and dangerous. Moving them from point A to B can be cumbersome and frustrating if you don’t have enough hands or the right tools.
  • Labor for this kind of work averages between $40 and $60 an hour. Decide if it’s worth your time to DIY or your money to have it done right.

Exercise caution and common sense when remodeling. You don’t want to sink a bunch of time into a product you’re unhappy with, so know when to hire out a service.