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What Kind Of Fence Is Best For Your Yard?

There are various types of fences to choose from, different materials according to your taste and preferences. Fences are not only part of the exterior design in a home but are important in ensuring security. Materials used to make fences include aluminum, wood, wrought iron and many more.

Electric Fencing

Electric fencing is an efficient way of keeping off animals such as dogs from a compound. This kind of fence involves installing a field of electricity that has to be invisible. It is important to dig a trench surrounding the area where the electric field will be created because the electric wires are placed in the trench. The trench is then covered for safety purposes. This fence is highly recommended for people who have cabins that are surrounded by forests that have wild animals roaming around.

For animals such as dogs, the owner install a collar that will warn the animal when it is near the electric field by producing a sound that can be heard by the animal only. This is made possible by a transmitter that activates the wire by sending signals to the collar that is powered by a battery. If the animal trespasses, electric shock from the collars are activated.

Wood Fences

Most people prefer wood fences because they are affordable, durable, and bring a sense of belonging. There are various types of wood to choose from, such as cypress, redwood, and many more. The size and the height determine the amount to spend on wood fences that the owner wants for their walls.

Woods such as cypress can be painted creating a beautiful exterior home design. Hardwood fences are known to last for a long time because of their high quality. People in Texas prefer wood fences because of the weather around Texas. However, it is advisable to seek a professional’s opinion on the type of wood fencing that is applicable for your home.

Aluminum Fences

These fences are known for their low maintenance quality apart from when you need to decorate their design or repaint them. Their process of installation is quite easy and affordable to many people.

However, aluminum fences are not advisable to people installing a fence for the purpose of security. This is because the fences are not strong compared to materials such as wood. Aluminum fences are very attractive because they can be designed with various decorations.

Wrought Iron Fences

Homeowners prefer wrought iron for their fences if they want an appealing home. Wrought iron fences are however, expensive when purchasing also because they need constant maintenance.

This type of fencing has to be repainted at least every two years to maintain the beautiful appeal they had when being installed for the first time. Though these fences are not ideal for people who prefer tight security for their homes, their level of enhancing security cannot be compared to aluminum fences.

Bamboo Fences

For homeowners who love environment-friendly fences, bamboo fences are a good option. These fences are also attractive ,especially for people who install fences for the sole purpose of appeal. If one chooses to fence using live bamboo, the trees grow every year for a length of one foot approximately.

However, bamboo canes and rolled bamboo are designed as poles creating a thicker fence compared to live bamboo. Bamboo is durable just like the hardwood fences. Bamboo is preferable for people living in warmer climates.

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