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Tips for Building Your Dream Home in the Country

Many of us dream of living in the country. The wide open spaces, privacy, and beautiful scenery make this type of setting quite appealing to many homeowners. Before you make the big leap and buy a country lot and start building, there are a few things to consider.

Finding Good Drinking Water

Water can be a challenge when you live in the country. When you build your home you will need to contact one of the well drilling companies cabarrus county has available. Before moving in, have the water tested. Don’t be surprised to find hard water filled with minerals. A simple water softener system can take care of any issues and make your water better for your health and home.

Long Driveways

Before you put in the foundation for your new home, carefully consider the location of the house. Your first instinct may be to have it set far back in from the road, but this may create some problems. Long driveways are expensive, whether they are paved or simply gravel. They are difficult to plow, and they create large front lawns that take a lot of time when it comes to cutting the grass.


Exterior lighting is a big concern when living in the country. There won’t be street lights like you find in town. This means that when it gets dark at night, it is truly dark. You will want to line drives and walkways with small solar lights, install motion sensing lights on the house, and possibly put in your own street light type of fixture in order to provide safety and security.

If your dream is to live in the country, consider these obstacles before you begin building. They are not such serious issues that you would give up your country home, but be aware of them in order to eliminate any surprises. Planning ahead allows you to come up with solutions that will make your new home a dream come true.