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The Most Important Details You Should Look for in Wooden Floor Vases

The Most Important Details You Should Look for in Wooden Floor Vases

Before you go out to buy wooden floor vases, you have to know some important factors that can help you choose a good one. The first thing to think about is how you intend to use the wooden vase. If they are mainly to be used for flower arrangements, get vases that are not too ornate. Placed on the floor, people will only see their lower portions most of the time and artistic detail will be lost underneath the profusion of stems and branches. Then you need to think if you plan to place wet flower ensembles in them. To do so you have to take additional measures to protect them. Then think about the right design (shape, size and embellishments) for your purposes. Lastly, you have to take steps to keep them in good shape.

Are they to be used alone or with floral ensembles

Getting an ornately designed wooden floor vase will require you to place them on stand or risers when filled with plants. That is because their details will not be evident otherwise. So if your floor vase is really meant to be a flower vase, you do not have to spend money purchasing an elaborately made one. Of course, if you plan to fill them with plants half of the time and use them by themselves as d?�cor half of the time, getting an elaborate one will be justified.

Using them for wet ensembles

To prevent the water from fresh arrangements from seeping through, be sure they will hold large enough water-proofed auxiliary vases inside. And even I they can retain liquids, protecting them with an internal vase is necessary to keep the insides of the vase from rotting.

The implications of their shape

Wooden vases with slim necks and narrow mouths will require you to use tube vases to allow putting in one or two fresh flower stems in them. But if the body of the vase itself is wide, the one or two stems you are using may appear slightly comical. So, unless the body itself is also narrow, you should use the vase only for display. Along this line, see to it that the body is well enough decorated to justify doing that.

Think about whether you need florid designs

For purely decorative pieces you can get those which are done in metallic glaze. There are also wooden floor vases that are inlaid with wood slices. Alternatively, two types of wood with contrasting grains may be used for them. One notable design you should avoid is the rotted look. The reason behind this is that this type of vase is usually made of actual spore-infest wood (a texture some people like) and can be health risks at home.

Keeping the wooden vase in good condition

As already noted, always use internal vases with wooden vases for wet floral arrangements. Water not only encourages rotting but also certain types of termites. If your area has colonies of termites, wooden vases are not a good choice.

For making good decisions about wooden floor vases know the functionality they are capable of. In this regard their shape is an important consideration. Elaborate design is unnecessary for floor vases made for flower arrangements. If you are after textured wood, avoid spore-infested ones.