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Sure Signs It’s Time for a New Toilet

Sure Signs It’s Time for a New Toilet. How’s your toilet working? Maybe it seems a little slow, leaky, or creaky. Sometimes you can repair a toilet, but at other times you need a brand new one. Here are some key indicators that you are going toilet shopping today.


This one can be tricky because sometimes a clog just needs the plunger or a quick call to plumbing repair Corvallis OR. It’s the frequency of the clogs that is the sign. If you are plunging more than once a week, it’s time for a new toilet. Another thing to look for is how many flushes it takes to do the job. If you have to flush two or three times to empty the bowl, your toilet is through.


Hairline cracks in the porcelain of the bowl or tank are a huge red flag. They may not leak yet, but they surely will. You are now on borrowed time. Replace the entire toilet before you have a flood that requires replacing the floor.


Sure, some repairs make sense, like replacing the flapper or fill valve. But if you find yourself repairing the toilet every other weekend, it’s just got too many miles on it. Add up the cost of all those repairs and you may find that buying a new toilet is, in the end, the cheaper option.


Yes, there are toilets 50 years old or older that work just fine. The main concern with an older toilet is efficiency. They can use up to seven gallons per flush. Toilets have come a long way in the last 20 years alone, and you are quite literally flushing money down the drain with an old toilet. Low-flow toilets and dual flushing models can lower your water bill and make you feel good about your contribution to the environment. Now there’s a win-win.