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Save Money in 2011 With Hard Wood Floors

Save Money in 2011 With Hard Wood Floors

If you are refurbishing your home in the New Year, maybe you will consider a change in flooring.

As well as being difficult to maintain, carpet can be unpractical. If you have a habit of keeping your shoes on in the house, you may find that you are left with dark marks and stains on your carpet.

A wooden floor can be easier to clean and keep on top of marks, spills and stains.

You may find that the most unpractical places to put carpet for you are your hallway or lounge, where it is easy for carpet to be stained as it gets worn down through general wear and tear. A hard wood floor can be much more practical and easy to maintain, you can still put down mats in front of doors where you perhaps are worried about general wear and tear, scratches or stains.

The natural oak floor that you have always wanted in your home can be more cost effective than you first thought. From around A�28 per square meter, you can choose to install a wood floor in as many or as few rooms in your house as you like. Perhaps you would love a wooden floor in your living room or kitchen, but want to keep your bedroom carpeted, with such cost effective flooring, this makes a wooden floor easily accessible.

You can dress a wooden floor as much or as little as you prefer. If you are worried about little ones slipping on a wooden floor, you could choose to put down a mat or rug and still maintain the stylish look that a hard wood floor gives.

Thanks to developments in the wooden flooring industry, it has become simple and easy to install a wooden floor yourself at home. There are also plenty of guides to help with installation online.

A hard wood floor can also save you time and money in the long run, as well as significantly decreasing vacuuming time; a wood floor can easily be maintained by being swept over regularly and damp mopping when possible.

Stains and spills are no longer a stress, as they can be easily wiped or mopped up and intensive cleaning need only be done very occasionally, which can be done at home with the right cleaning product, or you may choose to enhance your floor through re varnishing.

A wooden floor is also cost effective as it is set to last. With the right care and attention a wooden floor can last a very long time.

Comparing this to carpet, one spill or burn could easily ruin a carpet, patterned carpets or carpets of a certain colour can quickly become outdated and you are often restricted to a certain colour scheme depending on the colour of your carpet.

A wooden floor will last you through several re-decorations and will never become outdated.