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How To Choose Your Storage Facility

When you are moving there are already so many things to keep track of. Make things easier for yourself by taking advantage of storage facilities.

Types of Facilities

A storage facility can be an excellent way to transport and store your belongings when you are moving between places. A self-storage facility is easy to use and typically offers lower rates than full-service facilities. If you are unsure about moving your belongings on your own and keeping track of everything you put in or take out of the facility yourself, you might want to take advantage of a full-service storage facility. Full-service facilities will schedule a pickup for you to transport your belongings and some may even take photos to document everything being kept there. Regardless of whether you choose to use a self-service or full-service facility, make sure you are being provided with clean and well maintained facility storage.

Size Options

Once you find the right storage facility, you may be presented with different options as to how large your unit will be. Determine which size storage unit will fit your belongings appropriately. These facilities can be used to store large items for a long amount of time, or miscellaneous items in between your move. Typically, storage facility units come in a range of sizes that can store a few pieces of furniture or a regular size car. The price of your storage unit will be affected by the size, so make sure to consider your costs and needs.


Once you have your location and unit picked out, there are a few more things to consider before making any concrete decisions. A good storage facility should be well equipped with safety measures like security guards, video monitoring, and unique locks. When you are looking for the ideal storage facility, consider additional amenities like climate control and accessibility. Can you access your stuff late at night or early in the morning, or is the facility only open during regular business hours?

Using a storage facility can be a great way to help store and transport your belongings. Make sure your storage facility has everything needed to keep your items secure and accessible.