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How To Care for Your Antique Rug

Antique rugs are intricate works of art that grace many of Atlanta’s most stunning homes. It doesn’t require much time and effort to keep them looking their best. Here are some suggestions to help maintain the condition and beauty of your rug.

Keep it Clean

The most exquisite rugs usually consist of durable fibers. Using a suction vacuum once or twice a month can provide a safe and thorough cleaning. For spills or stains, carefully blot the rug with water and keep any wet areas off the floor until they are dry. Never use commercial cleaners or chemicals, which could cause colors to run.

Get Repairs

If your rug has stains, tears or holes, don’t be overly concerned. A specialist in antique rug repair Atlanta GA can skillfully handle many different kinds of damage. Proper restoration can extend the longevity of a rug for decades.

Moth Control

If your rug has survived long enough to make it into your home, you can rest assured that it is very durable. However, most antique rugs consist of pure wool or silk fibers and can quickly become ravaged by moths. Professional cleaning is mandatory to prevent further damage.

Avoid Sunlight

Like many antique furnishings and paintings, antique rugs should avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading. Be sure to use window shades when the sun is at its brightest.

Store Carefully

If you need to store your rug for any length of time, roll it in a breathable material in a low-humidity environment. Ideally, you will not store your antique rug for many months at a time. If you can’t avoid this, be sure to unwrap it occasionally to be sure it is still intact.

Caring for antique rugs requires surprisingly little effort. With proper care and maintenance, a beautiful rug can remain in your family for many generations.