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Furnishing Your Vacation Cabin

You finally bought the vacation cabin you have wanted for so long. It will be so nice to get away from the hustle and bustle and spend time in a quiet, natural setting. Now you need to think about the furnishings. What type of furniture, window treatments, and other items are you going to use to personalize your new home away from home?

Choosing the Style of Furniture

Many people like the look of unfinished furniture. It can add a special touch to your cabin. If you decide to use this type, you should make sure it is well sanded. This will prevent any rough edges. If you want, it can be sealed and a clear coat added for the look of natural wood.

Another great look that is often used in cabins is the rustic style. This furniture is usually made of wood or twigs that have been steamed so they can be bent to form the curves and shapes desired. Willow is a popular wood used in rustic furniture. Logs that have been shaped using an ax or chisel is yet another popular style of furniture, particularly in log cabins.

Windows and Floors

The window treatments you choose can add to the unique look you want to create for your cabin. Rather than just being limited to curtains or typical shades, there are several options today. Wood blinds are one of the most popular. They can be painted or stained to match floors or other décor. Another preferred type of window treatment is shutters. If you want to stay with a rustic look, try to find used ones in good shape at flea markets or other places that sell reclaimed items.

Many cabin floors are hardwood. Some have stone or ceramic tile. Adding rugs to your floors can help to make rooms cozy as well as creating the look you want. One example of a company that offers cabin rugs is Handcraft Rugs. Using rugs can also provide a comfortable feel for your feet, especially when the weather is chilly.