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Do You Know Where Your Property Line Is?

Are you considering an addition to your house? Or maybe you want to put up a fence? The is something that you should take into consideration before you move beyond the idea of changes like these, your property line. Unless you have a clear idea of where the edge of your property is, you should consider getting your land surveyed.

Why Should I Have A Land Survey Done?

It may not be something that you have considered before but having a survey on hand is often required before you can even get a building permit. And if you have an HOA they might require a survey to put up a fence. However, there are many reasons you should consider getting a survey done before you move forward with big changes. In some places, there are laws in place that govern how close to a property line you are allowed to have a building as well as other laws. Having a survey done will often help you learn about the regulations and avoid the need to remove changes after the fact.

How Do I Get A Land Survey?

Hiring a professional land surveyor Hernando County FL is a good idea as they will have the knowledge and experience to help you be prepared to move forward with your renovation plans. With their help, you will know what the boundaries to your property are and prevent any delays in getting building permits or gaining approval for changes by your HOA. They can also help you be aware of things that you may not have known beforehand such as buried lines, pipes or anything else that could derail your plans. Often delays that are caught later create highly costly delays or repairs.

With a land survey in hand, you are one step closer to building that long wished for addition or getting a fence in place to contain your new puppy.