Can You Have Wooden Floors Over Underfloor Heating?

Can You Have Wooden Floors Over Underfloor Heating?

In a word, yes is the answer. There is no need to have to compromise on a high quality wooden floor if you have underfloor heating. Underfloor heating with a wooden floor is the perfect combination for all types of homes.

It is recommended that an engineered floor is used. So what exactly is an engineered wood floor? It is a solid wood veneer on a softwood backing. It looks just like the ‘real thing’ particularly with oak, which has been developed over the last ten years to a perfect finish.

Various grades:

Prime Grade: very clean, small amount of knots – ideal for a modern house or contemporary setting.

Character Grade: which allows for knots, marks and rosettes -looks beautiful like a solid oak floor and enhances any home

Rustic Grade: large knots, marks and rosettes – ideal for a rural retreat, or if you want a more lived in and older look.

Distressed Grade: This is where a character grade is treated in various ways. The oak can be stained dark, marked, the edges given a worn look. The idea is to make the floor appear old and similar to reclaimed oak. The final effect is stunning and there are a lot of aged, distressed and antique engineered oak floors available.

Various finishes:

Engineered oak can be supplied unfinished. Then once fitted it can be sanded and oiled in situ. The floor needs to be sanded to a fine and even finish and then the first coat of hardwax oil applied – left overnight to dry; then buffed up and a final coat of hardwax oil applied. The end result is natural and easy to maintain.

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It can also be supplied pre-finished with a matt lacquer, satin lacquer, pre-oiled, raw oiled or uv oiled finish. Pre-finished floors mean no waiting time.

There are a number of engineered floors on the market – always go for the best quality.

Ask where the floor has come from and make sure it is a sustainable engineered floor.

Make sure that the oak veneer layer is thick. 6mm is a good depth on a board that is overall 20mm thick.

The base board should be of a good quality marine ply and well adhere with a complete bonding system to the veneer on top.

It is always advisable to always get a specialist flooring company to fit and finish your engineered oak flooring, to ensure the highest quality finish.