Benefits of the Drum Sander

If you have ever had to do maintenance on your old wooden floor then you know that the hardest thing to do is even out the surface by sanding it. If you have ever done this by hand then you know exactly how much of a back breaker it really is. Luckily, you do have other options available to you. One such option is a machine called a drum sander. This machine is great on many larger areas that need sanding and will do nearly all the work needed prior to finishing or refinishing the floor.

There are a variety of models available. The one you will want to use looks kind of like a vacuum cleaner. A bag located on the back of the machine collects the dust generated from the sanding of the wood floor. While it may look intimidating, it really is simple to use. All you have to do is make sure that the belt is fastened correctly without any slack. Then, in a controlled manner, work the drum sander over the floor to get rid of dings, dents, and years of wear that have accumulated across the surface. Once finished, you can polish the floor and apply a completely new finish or simply apply a light coat for a natural look.

While you could buy a drum sander, they are quite an expensive piece of machinery for someone who is not in the business of sanding floors. Many models start in the low thousands and only rise from there. If this is not your business, then renting one would be your best bet.

When wanting a better looking wood floor, it only makes sense to use a drum sander. Not only will it make the job go much quicker and easier, but your back will thank you for it, too. However, it is advised that before you take on a job like this, you seek out a quality rental store that can answer any questions you might have.