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5 Reasons Wood Floor Racks Are Great For Business

5 Reasons Wood Floor Racks Are Great For Business

Wood floor racks should be one of the basic display units of any retail business. There are so many different kinds, and they can do so many different things for you, that it’s hard to imagine how any business can get along without them. Here are only 5 of the many reasons why wood floor racks are great for your business.

Many different kinds. When it comes to this kind of display fixture, you have a lot of choices. There are several kinds of slatwall displays-panels with indentions that you can put hooks into for hanging your goods, or slide shelf brackets into, if you’d prefer to display things on shelves. There are crate racks and tub displays, which hold large quantities of your goods in a set of containers, easy for customers’ hands to reach into and grab. You might also choose a tilt tray display, which has sets of three trays on each shelf, tilted toward the customer so they can see everything clearly. There are also stacked bins, wooden barrels and barrel racks-very many wood floor racks to choose from!

Movable. None of these wood floor racks is bolted to the floor or mounted on a wall. They stand freely on a base, which makes it easy for you to place them wherever you need them. Some of them can even be displayed on both sides at once, which increases the number of people who can browse at one time.

Versatile. You can put almost anything in these handy floor racks. Whatever your store sells, there’s a perfect wood floor rack for you. Candy, books, clothes, car parts, shoes, hair accessories, jewelry, baked goods, possibilities are endless. These versatile wood floor racks can go almost anywhere and do almost anything, all while improving your bottom line.

Neutral. For as great as they are, the best wood floor racks don’t attract a lot of attention. That’s because they’re designed not to showcase themselves, but to showcase your goods. They come in natural, neutral colors, such as wicker, cherry, or white, which make perfect back grounds and allow your merchandise to stand out.

Dependable. Nothing is more dependable than wood. People have used it for millennia and never found a replacement for it. Wood floor racks not only look nice, but are strong, solid, and can carry almost as much as you want to load them up with. You can depend on your wood racks to serve you well for years.

As you can see, few display fixtures can offer the benefit that wood floor racks can. Your merchandise will be so well-displayed that it will practically jump into your customers’ hands.