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3 Great Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Exterior

Is the appearance of your home making you feel a little self-conscious? Luckily, there are several home improvement options to make your home become the best on the block. Here are three great ways to enhance the exterior of your home and boost your curb appeal!

1. Build a Front Porch

If your front porch is nothing more than a concrete stoop and a front door, you’ll want to build your own porch to make your home appear more inviting. Start by installing covering such as a pergola or awning. Mount outdoor lighting next to your front door to light the way for guests as they arrive. Finally, add finishing touches like new house address numbers or even some potted plants to make your porch appear more welcoming for guests.

2. Update Exterior Surfaces

Is your home’s exterior cladding dragging down your curb appeal? Improve these exterior surfaces by applying new siding or stucco. Choose professional stucco installation Columbus OH to transform your home’s exterior and give it a fresh, new look! Alternatively, you could install new surface cladding on strategic areas of the house. Manufactured stone veneer can add texture to your home and is ideal for application around the garage or around your front door.

3. Upgrade the Garage Door

If a completely new door doesn’t fit with your budget, there are easy ways to give your old door a makeover. If you have a wood door, you could either use a fresh gel stain or a coat of paint, followed by an appropriate sealant. For metal doors, consider modernizing the appearance by applying a new custom-printed vinyl wrap.

If you make the right home improvements, you can easily boost your home’s curb appeal. By following these tips, your home will soon become the envy of the entire neighborhood!