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Can You Really Install Floorboards Over Cement?

Acquiring any type of flooring is definitely expensive. As a result, you might want to have the ability to put in the floor yourself. This may save you a lot of money, and the experience can be an extra ability for yourself. Here’s a step by step guide teaching you how to install flooring on bare concrete.
1. Thoroughly clean the concrete subfloor
Using an impeccably clean concrete subflooring is a crucial component of installing your very own floor. This will make certain any type of flooring you’re going to install will look remarkable. Clean the spot profusely and ensure not a single thing is left behind. At the conclusion of the cleaning session, include a humidity barrier so excess humidity doesn’t seep in from the bottom to your top flooring layer. Do not forget and skip this step because it’s necessary to get that moisture barrier if you’d like to protect hardwood floors like bamboo hardwood or engineered wood. Should there be far too much humidity it may split the floors in the future.
2. Place down the boards
Start laying the floorboards down from the longest side of your wall. Use adhesive that is top of the line if you want a perfect installation. Try to not apply an excessive amount, just put a sufficient quantity of adhesive on your floorboard and lay it down. Go on to execute this along the entire wall. Make every effort to press the floorboards firmly in place knowing that there are no spaces in between.
3. Keep the floor boards from slipping while drying
Being the adhesive demands a long period of time to dry, you need to be sure the boards are in place to make sure that gaps do not happen. It’ll be difficult to correct gaps once the adhesive has completely dried. Use something like blue painter’s tape to hold the floorboards in their place while drying. If any of the adhesive presses out from the cracks, wipe it away while it’s wet mainly because it will likely be harder to do once dry.
4. Arranging the planks
Continuously apply the planks on the concrete floor. Be sure that you pick your floor pieces carefully during the time you have them installed. As an illustration, to make sure you possess a uniform floor, you’ll want to use planks belonging to the same box, and examine each floor board to determine if the hue of your planks are all equivalent. Just do not forget that the floor planks may vary when it comes to their shade.
5. Take away the Painter’s tape
Before taking off the painter’s tape, make sure that the adhesive is utterly dry. Patience is virtue because you do not want to rush the drying process. Leave the installation like that overnight or for as long as possible, and don’t allow any foot traffic in the area. It will help your floors dry the way you intended it. If at least 12 hours have passed, then go ahead and take away the tape one at a time. Move in some furniture, and there you have it! A nice, cozy, beautiful looking home.…

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How to Select the Proper Garbage Disposal and Take Care of It

If you are considering redesigning your kitchen, you no doubt will spend a great deal of time thinking about your cabinets, the appliances, the countertops and the flooring.
How about the lowly garbage disposal? You should not be disdainful of your disposal. The fact is that many of us do not ever think about what is going on under the sink when we flip the switch for the disposal. That is, we do not think about it until it stops working.
It is much more likely that you will have many years of trouble free use of your disposal if you buy the right one for your needs, and then you take care to use it properly. Below are some guidelines to accomplish both of these tasks.
Buying the Right One
When you are working on that new kitchen space, you should remember that you can buy a garbage disposal of many different sizes and lots of varying features. Of course, the disposal that came with your house was probably an inexpensive, builder quality unit. It probably has a motor with a 1/3 horsepower or so. That may work fine for awhile, but this product was not designed to last year a lot of years.
A disposal that is of a deluxe quality will have a motor with one horsepower, and it also will have inner components that are made of stainless steel. It’s very important that your high quality disposal have stainless steel parts, because that means you will never have rusting problems. Some higher quality products will have a function for auto reverse. This is very helpful in getting jammed food and other items out of the disposal. This will increase the motor’s life by years. Overheating the motor is one of the biggest causes for a garbage disposal to fail.
There are a lot of disposals that can be purchased that fall somewhere in between 1/3 horsepower and 1 horsepower. If your house in on a septic tank, you can buy a special unit that will shoot an enzyme into the bottom of the disposal. This will assist in breaking down your septic tank waste.
Taking Care of the Disposal
When you have your new disposal, you should do your best to care for it so it will last you many years. You can do this by making sure you run the water all the time when you are turning on the device. Many people tend to shut the water off too soon after they have turned on the garbage disposal. This is bad because the sludge that the disposal made may still be stuck in the drain line from the unit.
To prevent problems, you should let the water run for at least 10 seconds or so after you shut it off. This will allow the water to flush out the lines. A really great way to do this is to clean your pots and pans in the sink full of water. Then let the water out of the sink and turn on the garbage disposal. This will really flush out the lines of unit, sort of like when you flush the toilet. All that water rushing down into the unit will flush out the insides of the device. The line that drains out the disposal also is filled up with water. All of this moving water will wash out the sides of the drain lines and take out any of the food sludge that was created when you ran it a few minutes ago.
A garbage disposal can give you many years of service without any problems if you purchase a good one and use good common sense when you use it.…